TheHolyHog's Holy Armies!

Hello!I'm the TheHolyHog.I haven't been on the wikia since early December I think....I don't know...but I thought I could return with loads of army comps and ideas I have been thinking about.Well...Wanna guess what my favorite troop is?It's pretty obvious.

P.S I haven't tried out some of these comps yet...They might sound crazy....I've gone over them in my head a couple of times...They'll work....Hopefully.....

War/Pushing Armies

If there is more than 1 comp for the same army, lets say goho, The diff comp(s) will appear on the page..Enjoy your 6 star war!

Goho - Golem(s) wizards and hogs.3 comps

Dragloonion - Dragons Balloons and minions. 2 comps

GoVaWi - Golem(s) Valks and Wizards.2 comps

GoVaHo - Golem(s) valks and Hogs

Mass Drag - All drags of course...Loons or hogs are optional to bring.

GoVaLo - Golems Valks and Loons.Wizards are optional.2 comps

Farming Armies

These are called farming armies, they are cheap and quick, leaving the opportunity to attack many times in a day.They are also pretty powerful, which results in ez loot.

GiBarch - Giants Barbs Archers and Wallbreakers.2 comps

B.A.G/Gobarch - Goblins barbs and archers.Wallbreakers optional.2 comps

B.A.M - The classic farming army.Or is it barch?I don't know.Barbs archers and minions.Wallbreakers optional.2 comps

GoWi - Giants Barbs Archers and Wizards.Wallbreakers optional.3 comps

GiGoBarch - Apparently..Had to think of a name for it.Giants Goblins Barbs and Archers. Wallbreakers optional.3 comps.

G.A.M.B - I guess..Couldn't think of a decent name for this one too.Giants Barbs Archers And Minions. Wallbreakers optional.3 comps.

That's it from my army comps for now!Whenever I get sparked with a new army idea, I'll be sure to put it on here.Good Luck in War (If you are).And I hope you enjoyed my armies!

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