Th4 Guide

Hello! This is my Th4 guide.Here I will telling you 2 armies,what should be your main priority and what makes a good base.Hope you enjoy!

What makes a good base?

Well, there is 3 different types of bases, Hybrid, which focuses on trophies and loot, Farming, which focuses just on loot and Trophy Push, which focuses on trophies. To make a base good, you should have your defenses covering your town hall storages and other defenses COMPLETELY, but the defenses should be parted.

What makes a hybrid base?

Well,a hybrid base, as I said earlier, protects loot & trophies/cups.You would want your th, air defense mortar and clan castle in on compartment in the center.At the outside layer you should put your defenses & storages together.I recommend to put one storage and a defense in each compartment which should be covering the th, air d mortar and clan castle.That should be taking up ALL your walls.Put your builder huts in opposite corners of the base, to stop attackers getting three stars on you.Your mines collectors lab and army camps should be covering your defenses and storages.

What makes a farming base?

A farming base is a base that focuses on just loot, that's all.To make a decent farming base,I recommend to put 2 storages, one gold & one elixir, your mortar, clan castle and air defense in the center compartment.Around your center compartment, put an elixir storage next to your gold and vice versa.Then, put a defense next to them and an archer tower at the bottom and top, and put an elixir collector and gold mine surrounding those two archer towers.Surround the defenses & storages with your walls. Now, for the thing that will stop loot hungry goblins stealing your precious booty!Put your town hall in the bottom corner.You might be asking why? Wouldn't they win?.Yes that's the whole point!Attackers would be more attracted to trophies then your crazy loot.Plus you only lose like 5 cups so no one really cares. I guess about every 10 attacks someone will come for your loot,I'm farming and it's like that for 3 months (I've been farming for 3 months). And there's your farming base! Enjoy your booty!

What makes a trophy base?

Trophy bases are bases that care nothing of loot, just cups.They are used for getting certain amounts of trophies, which will give you a heck load of gems.Now, lets get started making this trophy base! Put your th air d mortar and clan castle in a compartment,this is your center compartment.Now there's 2 options, care a bit for loot or don't care for loot.If you care for loot read No.1 But if you don't read No.1 then 2


So you care a bit about your loot, good.Now like the hybrid base, Put your defenses and storages together around the center, then surround those buildings with walls.


Well, I guess you care more about cups & gems more than loot, its your call! Just do step 1 but switch the storages with mines & collectors.

After No.1/2 carry on here

Then surround those buildings with all the others, and enjoy.Spend your gems wisely!

The Two armies

These armies require 70 housing space, if you have more I will include it, so don't worry:)

Army No.1 "The Stomper"

The Stomper requires 4 giants, 5 balloons rest archers.Use the giants to take out the air d if there is one and archers as back up.After the air defense is destroyed drop balloons and the rest of the archers.Have a great raid and good luck!If you have 75 housing space add another giant if 80, add a giant and 5 more archers.

Army No.2 "Rise N' Shine!"

Rise N' Shine is made out of 9 loons 25 archers.Simply deploy your balloons, half them on two archer towers and drop down your archers when the mortar is destroyed.That should get you three star quickly and efficiently. Enjoy your boot! If you have 75 housing space, add a loon if 80, add a loon and 5 archers.

Hope you enjoyed my guide! Before you edit pls tell me, if your an admin/moderator I don't know which, you have permission :)

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