Hello everyone. This is my second strategy guide. It is the Guide to Dark Elixir. This guide will teach you the basics of Dark Elixir, how to use it, and what to do with it.

What is Dark Elixir?

Dark elixir is a black substance that you unlock at Town Hall level 7. You are able to construct the Dark Elixir Storage, but not the drill. You can unlock the drill at TH 8. Don't ask me why. I don't know why.

What you can do with it

With Dark Elixir, you can "open doors for creatures born out of Dark Elixir". That is just a fancy way of saying that you can train Dark Barrack troops. They include the:


The minion is a flying unit that spits Dark Elixir

Hog Rider

The Hog Rider is a warrior riding on a hog. It can jump over walls and targets defenses.


She is a warrior that carries a double-bladed axe. 


Is a ground unit made of rocks. It targets defenses, and when killed, splits into two Golemites. It is very useful as a tank or meat shield.


She is the last unit unlocked in the Dark Barracks. She is a ground unit that can summon limited skeletons. She is a ranged unit.


You can unlock Heroes. They are invincible troops that can defend your base or attack other bases. Being immortal, they can't die, but, they do get "injured" if they lose all of their health after a raid or defense. They will have to sleep to regenerate their health. You can unlock the Barbarian King at TH7, and the Archer Queen at TH9. They are very useful in battle. 

Barbarian King

He is the strongest of Barbarians. It costs 10,000 to build the Barbarian King Altar which automatically summons him. His special ability is the Iron Fist, which he summons some barbarians and a mini Rage Spell around the king.

Archer Queen

She is the strongest of archers and carries a special X-Bow. She costs 40,000 DE. She is summoned when you construct her altar. Her special ability is the Royal Cloak. She becomes invisible to defenses, which will target other troops, for a few seconds. She also summons a few archers.

Dark Elixir Storage

It is a square building specially designed for holding DE. You unlock it at TH7. At level 1, it can hold 10,000 Dark Elixir. Try to upgrade it after you buy your Barbarian King.

Dark Elixir Drill

At level 1, this building can only produce 20 DE per hour. It can hold a maximum of 120. So, it would take 6 hours to earn 120 DE. Your next goal would be to upgrade your drill as soon as possible. At level 2, it can produce 30 an hour and can hold a maximum of 240. It is an essential part of your Dark Elixir Conquest.

Spending and Saving DE


You should NOT spend any Dark Elixir until you have gotten your Barbarian King. After that, try different troop compositions, using Dark troops. At a later phase in the game, you will unlock the Archer Queen. Buy her as soon as possible when you unlock her.


It will take a while at both TH7 and TH8, so have patience. At TH7, it will take longer because the only way to eearn DE is to steal it or collect it from Tombstones.

  • Dark Tombstones only give you 1 Dark Elixir, it will take years if you only use that method.

Attacks give an average of 0-400 DE at TH7. The reason for this low amount because, like you, many other TH7 players just got their Dark Elixir Storage.

Earning DE will get easier at TH8 because you unlock the Dark Elixir Drill.

Obtaining Dark Elixir

As I mentioned before, you unlock the Dark Elixir Storage at TH7, and the Drill at TH8. First, construct the storage, otherwise, if you steal any Dark Elixir (DE), it would go to waste. Start raiding for DE as soon as you construct the storage.

Raiding for DE

  • A common strategy is using Lightning Spells to destroy the enemy's storage and steal their DE. It is a costly, but effective strategy.
  • Look for bases with at least 250 DE. Your main goal is to destroy their DE storage and drill
  • Utilize goblins more often, as they destroy resource buildings faster. I suggest using 30-100 goblins in your troop composition.
  • Attack bases where their storage is easy to access without killing too many of your troops.

Collecting from your Drill

  • As I said before, upgrade your drill as soon as possible. The upgrade doubles the amount of DE your drill can hold.
  • Collect from your drill often. It will stop producing when it is full.
  • If you are rich in gems, boost your drill! It will boost your drill for one day.


I hope this guide has helped you know the do's and don'ts about Dark Elixir. If I made a mistake or if you want to add anything useful, feel free to edit this article.


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