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Welcome to my first guide

Hey Chief, welcome to my first strategy guide! This guide was made to guide beginners in Clash of Clans for their first 72 hours.

Starting Buildings

  • Town Hall- this building is the heart of your village. It can store 1000 gold and 1000 elixir
  • Builder's Hut- this building houses space for builders. Without these buildings, builders can't live in your village! Without builders, your village will never become stronger!
  • Cannon- this building will be your first defensive building. Your base is defenseless without it, which means your base can easily be destroyed.
  • Gold Mine- this is where you get gold. If you run out of elixir to train troops, to get gold, you will still get gold
  • Elixir Collector- this is where you get elixir. Elixir is used for training troops, so if you feel like destroying someone else's base, this pump will be useful. But, don't raid someone yet because you still have your 3 day shield.
  • Army Camp- this is where your troops go to. You can store troops here. The higher the level your Army Camps are, the more troops you can store.
  • Barracks- this is where all your troops are made. There are two kinds of barracks, the normal barracks and the Dark Barracks. For now we will not talk about Dark Barracks because you only unlock them in TH7. (NOTE: DO NOT, I REPEAT DO NOT UPGRADE YOUR TH UNTIL ALL YOUR BUILDINGS AND TROOPS ARE MAXED)
  • This is how your base looks like before the tutorial.
  • This is how your base should look like before for you upgrade your Town Hall

Tasks To Do Before Upgrading Your Town Hall

You’ll want to be very careful when contemplating upgrading your town hall. The temptation to unlock new buildings, defensive turrets, and walls will draw new players into rushing their upgrades. Resist this temptation at all costs! Players are rewarded for attacking a base with a higher-level Town hall, but are penalized for attacking a less sophisticated base, so if you upgrade too quickly you’ll be easy prey for those beneath you. Remember, the novelty of the new items will wear off, and you lose resources quickly without solid defenses.

When should you upgrade? The answer will depend on your own circumstances but as a rule of thumb, don’t upgrade until you’ve nearly completed the previous Town Hall's capacity for upgrades. Your troops should be maxed out, you should be comfortably safe from enemy raids, and you should ensure you’ve upgraded all of your vital defensive buildings. It might seem slow, but you won’t be at the mercy of raiding parties. Notice how the second base has maxed out buildings and walls. The table bellow will tell your what you need before you go from town hall 2, to town hall 3.

Tasks Before Upgrading TH2 To TH3.

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