Imagine that you've found a great person to raid, but as soon as you put down your Giants, a Dragon emerges from the Clan Castle. It easily kills all your Giants and you lose the raid. How do you prevent this from happening? The key is to properly lure out and kill all the Clan Castle Troops before attacking, so they don't disturb your troops during a raid.

Enemy Clan Castle Troops are a huge problem while raiding. At best, they delay your army, making you pause under fire from enemy defenses. At worst, they totally annihilate your key troops and leave you with a loss. This guide will teach you how to lure out and kill Clan Castle Troops and prevent them from ruining your raid.

Step 1: Luring Out Troops

First, you want to deploy a troop within the Clan Castle's range to trigger it and make it start dropping enemy troops. It is important to do this even when the Clan Castle is upgrading or there is no Clan Shield, because any Clan Castle can contain troops. Hog Riders are the best for luring out troops, because they attack defenses and jump over Walls, getting very close to the Clan Castle. If you do not have Hog Riders or the Clan Castle can be triggered without them, use Barbarians or another cheap troop to trigger the Clan Castle. Also, remember to keep putting troops within the Clan Castle's range until it stops depositing troops! The best troops come out last, so make sure that there are no more troops in the Clan Castle besides the ones you have already lured out.

Step 2: Killing Troops

Next, you want to eliminate the troops that come out. Note that a Lightning Spell can be used to kill Barbarians, Archers, Goblins, and possibly Minions or Wizards. Do not use it on troops with more health because the Spell is unlikely to kill them. If a Lightning Spell won't work, here is how to deal with each troop type (after luring them far away from defenses by putting an Archer or other troop near the outermost building you can find, of course):

Barbarians: Spam your own Barbarians, and place one Wizard if necessary.

Archers: Same as Barbarians.

Goblins: Same as Barbarians.

Giants: Same as Barbarians.

Wall Breakers: (Not a big deal) Have them all blow up on one Barbarian.

Balloons: Place a semicircle of Archers, and one Wizard if necessary.

Wizards*: Deploy a Barbarian to distract them; deploy a Wizard, and repeat until they all die.

Healers: Attack normally, but make sure to deploy lots of Archers behind your Giants.

Dragons*: Place a semicircle of Archers and Wizards.

P.E.K.K.As: Spam Barbarians and place one Wizard.

Minions: Spam Archers.

Hog Riders: Same as Barbarians.

Valkyries*: Same as Dragons.

Golems: Spam Barbarians and a Wizard.

Witches: Spam Barbarians.

Note: A "*" symbol means that these troops should never be ignored and work great during a defense

Now you can finish your raid and not have to worry about Wizards or Dragons popping out of the Clan Castle ever again! I hope this helps!

- The wolfiest one


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