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'Bold text'How to kill clan castle troops?During raids a player might find that the clan castle troops are causing much trouble and spoiling his attacks, some of them can be tackled easily but some others such as Valkyries and dragons, cause big trouble.


1.a player has to attack a base in which the clan castle is near the boundary and troops Bold text can be easily distracted from the clan castle.

2.if the town hall is at a corner then there is nothing to worry about, just destroy the town hall and win one star , but you will not get much loot.

3.a player has to care about the walls because they can block the attack for a long time which results in attack failures due to more damage taken by the troops.

4.defense tower levels should be low and it is an advantage if they are being upgraded.


  1. USING LIGHTNING SPELL - i got this idea from my friend , that we need to first distract the clan castle troops from the castle, then destroying them with a lightning spell, won,t work with tough units such as golems or dragons.
  2. USING TROOPS THAT GET ATTRACTED - troops such as barbarians, archer and bowlers get attracted to the clan castle troops and start attacking them ,so it is better to have some of them during attacks. ranged units such as archers and wizards are more useful but they have less hit points.
  3. USING FLYING TROOPS - flying troops cannot be attacked by most of the ground troops , so one can use this strategy.
  4. USING POISON SPELLS- as we all know poison spells are made for destroying clan castle troops, so nothing to say more


here are some ways in which you can destroy the clan castle troops

1.BARBARIANS- barbarians can be easily destroyed by wizards and archers. you can use lightning spells too.

2.ARCHERS- you can destroy them with barbarians or with lightning spells.

3.GIANTS- they can be difficult to destroy , just use a group of barbarians and archers to destroy them.

4.GOBLINS- weeaaakkkk units, can be easily destroyed.

5. WALL BREAKERS - wall breakers need to be first distracted from the clan castle , then destroyed as fast as possible.

6.BALLOON - very powerful clan castle troop, can cause a lot of damage distract them to other places and then destroy them with minions

7.WIZARDS- use lightning spells.

8. HEALERS- healers do only heal other units , don,t worry.

9. DRAGON- a dragon is not commonly donated, however they can be surrounded by minions to destroy them.

10.P.E.K.K.A- a lot of barbarians can easily destroy the P.E.K.K.A

11.BABY DRAGON - same to the strategy for the dragons.

12.MINER- just involve him with units and kill him.

13.MINIONS- archers can easily take down the minions

14.HOG RIDERS - it is best to use barbarians to destroy them

15. VALKYRIES- one of the toughest clan castle troops,can be distracted to the corner by barbarians and then can be destroyed by minions because Valkyries cannot target air troops.

16.GOLEMS- golems have a lot of health however, they can be destroyed by flying units.

17.WITCH- witches have less health, use lightning spells

18.LAVA HOUND- they are the units with highest hit points , but they have really less attack power. lava pups can be dangerous and should be destroyed quickly.

19.BOWLER- bowlers do area damage and also hit two targets at a time, surrounding the bowler with archers can work because it has not got much hp.

thank you for the opportunity to share my ideas. if you have any queries ,please contact with me , my player tag #9PPLQVCVP


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