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Hey chief!

now some of you no0bs out there may be having trouble attacking. Im gonna put a stop to that. This is my first ever strategy guide so if you have some tips leave a comment down below.

Please ensure your 3 day shield is over and you are at least TH3 before you start this.

First strategy, barch. You need: at least 25 housing space, with 10 barbs and 15 archers (if you have more housing space add 5 more barbs then 5 more archers then 5 more barbs etc etc.

No0b lol

see this base here? ------------------------------------------------>

this is an appropriate base for a barch attack. First, you would attack the archer tower next to the elixer collecter and bomb trap. use about 5 barbs and 10 archers. Then, go for the mortar next to the barraks. Try to aim for the tree next to the barracks and place the archers behind the barbs. (use all the troops against this.) Then, wreck havoc.

Now do the victory dance! that's your first attack strategy.

next strategy, giant tanking.

You need: at least 30 housing space, with 3 giants and either 15 archers or 15 barbs. (personally i would pick archers cos they shoot over walls.

Any base really is appropriate for this when you are a no0b. First, attack the mortar with all 3 giants and 5 barbs or archers, then when the mortar is destroyed, attack an archer tower with ten or so barbs or archers. Now watch your troops run around the place beating up buildings. Good job! you won chief.

Neeext up! Goblin raid.

you need 30 housing space with 1 giant, 5 archers and 20 goblins.

This is most effective on bases where loot is close to or on the outside.

First, tank the giant with 5 archers behind to destroy the mortar, and then when the mortar is destroyed, chuck goblins around the elixer collecters and stuff. This one may not always work and is a bit risky to use.

Well, thats all the attacks for TH3 i know, so please let me know if it was good or not in the comments below, and ill see you later.

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