• In clash of clans i have realized that there are 2 things that have to do with electricity: hidden teslas, and lightning spells. I think that there should be more things having to do with that like maybe a defense called a electric net. You can have 1 at town hall 11. It will cost 100,000 dark elixir to buy, level 2 will cost 150,000, and level 3 will cost 200,000. It will have a 7x7 tile radius. What it will do is absorb damage done by lightning spells, wizards, and pekkas in the 7x7 radius, those troops and spells will do only half the normal damage while in the electric nets radius and every 3 seconds the electric net will strike all the troops inside its radius in one bolt dealing all the damaged that it reduced by the lightning spells, wizards, and pekkas. You will have to load the net with 50,000 gold at level 1, 75,000 at level 2, and 100,000 at level 3. The net will absorb 10,000 damage at level 1. 25,000 damage at level 2, and 50,000 damage at level 3 until it needs to be re-loaded. It will be 3x3 tower that looks like the top of a level 7 laboratory (as the base), the blue ball at the top of a level 6 labor-tory (above the the coil) and faint yellow digital looking tiles above it and the whole radius (you will still be able to see the buildings under it easily. It will have 600 health at level 1, 675 at level 2, and 750 at level 3. There should also be a new army building called the artillery where you can make weapons, armor, and army vehicles for your troops. You will be able to build the items with 4 materials (worse to best)

    Leather, wood, stone, diamond. You can build the artillery at town hall level 6. Weapons include: swords, bows and arrows, bombs, wands, maces, hammers, axes, and poles. Armor includes: helmets, chest plates, chain mail, boots, and shields. Army vehicles include: fighter jets, tanks, mechas, and battleships (they will stay in the water and shoot from there). You can upgrade these in the laboratory. You only have to buy each of these once and can equip it to one type of troop. A troop type i.e. barbarian can have a weapon, 5 pieces of armor, and a vehicle. Vehicles can hold 1-25 troops. You may bring up to 10 vehicles in one battle. You may buy up to 10 of each vehicle, they don't go away when they are used. Vehicles can attack with high power, have high health, but some like the mecha (because it only holds 1 troop) will be slow and have a small range because you are basically turning one barbarian into a golem but still only using 1 troop capacity. You can upgrade weapons, armor, and vehicles in the laboratory up to level 4 each (level 1: leather, level 2: wood, level 3: stone, level 4: diamond). Im sorry this is so long but i didn't want anybody to get confused but if u do just ask or comment.


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