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  • There has been many problems with blocking and I want to sort out this problem once and for all!

    I want this thread to have 0% aggression and 100% open and accepting discussion. By this I don't want you to agree with everything a person says but please look at his point, as questions and come up with an agreement.

    The rule system will be based on number of warnings points, if 5 warnings points are granted this results in a ban. After having received 5 warning points the number of warning points to be banned again decrease and the length of the ban increases.

    The length of the Ban Times are as follows:

    Length of Ban

    Additional Ban features include:

    Ban Options

    I want all of the Wiki users to participate and make a decision on how long each ban should be, please leave your ideas below!

    Here are my ideas.

    Re-Opening Dead Threads Reviving dead threads (>14 days since the last post) with no additional useful information.

    The idea behind this rule is to let old threads die unless it REALLY, REALLY needs a response (and this will be extremely rare). If you have ANY question at all in your mind that your response may be deemed unhelpful or unneeded in any way, that's a good indication that you probably shouldn't be posting it.

    So many new threads are created every day that manually closing all of them is a big project, and if people simply refrain from posting meaningless replies once the original conversation has ended there would be no reason to close it. Furthermore, by closing the discussion entirely we lose the opportunity to add additional relevant information in the rare cases that it may truly need (see point above).
    Thread <30 days old (1 point)

    Thread >=30 days old (2 points)
    Spam Spamming forums, message walls, comment sections with useless, repetitive or large quantities of unhelpful and/or irrelevant information.

    This includes advertising of other services, games, wikis, etc. unless such advertising is pre-approved by an administrator.
    Single occurrence (1 point)

    Single occurrence that causes technical issues (i.e. crashing the comments section) (3 points)
    Gibberish/vandalism Adding deliberately incorrect, misleading and/or nonsensical information to the main pages, or deleting relevant information without a good reason.

    While we assume that every edit is made in good faith, there are some edits that are clearly made with malicious intent. These include nonsense (e.g. random characters), subtlely (or not-so-subtlely) altering the intent of the original author in authored works, vandalism of any kind, etc.

    Note that simply making a mistake or adding something that ultimately is not deemed helpful does not fall into this category; these edits are usually made in good faith. However, if you continually make edits that have to be reverted you may be instructed to talk to an administrator before making any substantive changes; if these instructions are ignored, your edits may be considered gibberish.
    Single occurrence (each edit) (2 points)
    Editing for achievements/ranking Editing for the sole purpose of gaining an achievement.

    The intent of this rule is not to say that you shouldn't try for achievements; nothing could be further from the truth! The reason the achievement system exists in the first place is to reward people for their hard work on the wiki, and to give people an incentive to continue to contribute. However, achievements should be earned during the course of making good faith contributions to the wiki; if you are making good faith edits and gain an achievement, congratulations! However, in some cases it is clear that people have edited for the sole purpose of gaining an achievement, and their edits have no intrinsic value. These types of edits will not be tolerated, as they undermine the entire achievement system.

    The following examples of are included only to give you an idea of what we mean by ' editing for ranking'. It is not meant to be an exhaustive list.
    • Editing the same page every day for the consecutive days achievements (typically adding and removing the same line). Note that good faith edits to the same page every day is perfectly acceptable.
    • Adding nonsensical categories to pages. Often people add categories for the achievement and then immediately remove them thinking that as long as they clean up afterward is is acceptable; it is not.
    • Deleting images from a page and then immediately re-adding them.
    • Creating multiple mainspace pages with categories, images, etc. that they know full well will be deleted (usually after repeated instructions not to do so).
    • Responding to blog entries or message wall comments with gibberish (usually this happens 10 times in a row for the final achievement).
    • A large amount of questionable activity right around when a "Lucky Edit" should be coming up.
    Once it has been determined that it is likely that such editing has been taking place (3 points)
    Editing other users' page Editing other users' pages without permission.

    Because we cannot restrict editing of personal pages to individual users, this rule is in place to ensure that what people create as their own stays their own property. This includes any pages in the "User:" space, i.e. sandboxes, profiles, signatures, any of the profile templates, etc.

    Note that this does NOT include strategy guides in the main article space. Guides in the main article space are considered community pages and can be edited; however, if you make substantive changes that alter the original author's intent, you may be in violation of the 'Gibberish/vandalism' rule above.
    Single occurrence (3 points)
    Offensive username Usernames that are, or could be, found offensive by any member of the community.

    Obviously offensive names (even if misspelled or otherwise obfuscated) will be banned immediately.

    If anyone sees a username that they find offensive, please let an administrator know which name and why you find it offensive (unless it is obvious). We do not want people reporting usernames as offensive simply out of spite, so unless you can explain why you find the name offensive we may not necessarily take action.
    Single occurrence (5 points)
    Pornographic and/or offensive content Pornographic images, offensive and/or explicit language uploaded or added to any page. Single occurrence (5 points)
    Scams Posting fake giveaways, iTunes gift card sites, etc.

    This is similar to, but more serious than, the 'Spam' rule. Scams are different in that they are looking to acquire either a user's information or their money (or both). Only legitimate giveaways may be advertised, and they must be pre-approved by an administrator.
    Single occurrence (5 points)
    Posting in-game hacks or exploits Posting information to obtain free gems, exploit bugs, etc.

    Posting anything regarding hacks or exploits of Clash of Clans will not be tolerated. Even posting them under the guise of "this needs to be fixed" should not be done, as none of the administrators of this wiki have any affiliation with Supercell and cannot fix the bug; all you are doing is drawing attention to the fact that it exists and giving more people the ability to exploit it. If you have a bug or exploit to report, do so on the official Supercell forums, not here.
    Single occurrence (5 points)
    Threats Threatening another user with harm (either physically or virtually).

    If you and another user disagree with each other and cannot resolve it, reach out to an administrator for help. Do not, for any reason, threaten another user that you will take action against them, either in-game, on the wiki or in real life. Depending on the nature of the threat, your actions can and will be reported to the appropriate authorities.
    Single occurrence (5 points)
    Violations of Wikia Terms of Service Violations of the Wikia Terms of Use, including public admission of being underage, will not be dealt with on this wiki but will instead be reported to Wikia Staff. N/A

    Thank you! Lets get this thing sorted out!

    GorillaMan/Sig/1 14:10, September 2, 2013 (UTC)

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