• Here are some Ideas that I think clash of clans should have

    • Your own customisable hero which is you
    • New DE troop called Dragon Warrior

    Cost: 200 DE Hit points: 450 Damage: 600 damage(10 burn damage per second) Special features: Can fly and walk, explodes and does damage to buildings when it dies

    • Able to save base designs
    • Town Hall 11
    • Cage Trap

    Cost: 6,000 Gold Hit points: 500 When enemy troops walk over the cage trap the cage springs open, catching the troops. Defences can shoot at captured troops and not harm the trap. Imprisoned troops can destroy trap from inside

    • Gem Mine

    Cost:1,000,000 Gold & 1,000,000 Elixir Hit points: 480 Gives you 1 gem per day

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