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!Clan Wars!

  • most of the ways i have seen so far have some problems(mainly because of shields/tropy level) so in this idea i will try to get those problems out of the way.

    !Clan Wars!

    only leaders can declare a war, other clan leader can accept or decline. when a war starts the goal is to get a total of 100 stars(for the whole clan) the first clan to reach 100 wins.

    on defense if u win u get 1 star which is added to clan total. on attack if u get 1 star that is added to your clan total, if u get 2 or 3 stars then that number is added.(this will make people want to get rid of their shields since if they have a shield then they arent getting anywhere, while the other clan is racking up the numbers) to attack in a clan war u go to the clan screen, there will be a button that say attack enemy clan_______. if u are at war with more than 1 clan then u can choose which one u want to attack(it will show each clans total score so u know who is winning and by how much) when u choose to attack a clan then it will bring up the closest 10 people in the other clan to u exp rankwise(ie closest 5 above u and below u) u can choose to attack anyone of them( u can only attack another clan 5 times every 24hrs) u keep any loot u steal plus whatever u get if u win the war.( though another way to make it more intense is to only reward the 10 players in the clan that got the most stars, on offense/defense.....any thoughts?) 

    the total exp level in a clan is added up( example, a clan has 20 members, ten of them are level 50, 5 are level 60, and 5 are level 75 this=1,075 exp u can only attack clans within 200exp+or- of them. this will keep clans from farming on lower level clans)

    i am not sure what the reward should be so thoughts on that would be helpful, feel free to leave any comment and tweak/idea u have. thanks and Clash On!

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