• Clan Wars

    Introduction: This idea came to mind when I was on my online game and having wars with other Alliances, while at the same time Raiding in Clash of Clans. I noticed on CoC (Clash of Clans)  that there is a lot of battling, but only towards people who are offline. Where’s the fun in that? It’s like when seeing a random character online just standing there doing nothing, and can easily take it out without effort whatsoever. Sure the game implemented defenses and whatnot, but an Army Strategy type game like CoC needs more than just attacking bases of other Clashers who are offline. What if there were Clan Wars for online individuals who want to do something more than just Raiding? I believe this implement would make Clash of Clans more exciting for Clashers and develop more strategic abilities as well.

    Clan Wars: Clan Wars is a War between Clans. Unlike attacking individual inactive/offline Clasher bases, you’ll be attack 3 active/online Clasher bases at the same time with the help of 2 other bases at your aid on one massive battlefield large enough to hold a total of 6 bases. The rules are very simple when participating within a Clan War – Take out all 3 Town Halls on the opposing side within the time limit.

    Clan War Structure:

    Preparation: Gathering Troops: The Clan War’s structure is a massive battlefield holding 6 total bases – 3 Vs 3. Once attending the Clan War with 2 other clan members, you’ll be given 2 minutes to produce your troops for your camps. There will not be a training time like when producing troops for raids in single player mode, so all troop production will be instant like upgrading a wall. The total size of troops will determine your total camp size, so you will not have a maxed out camp size when attending a Clan War. It also depends upon what troops you have unlocked and what level they are when preparing your troops. You will not have maxed out troops automatically along with having all troops unlocked.

    Time Limit: Achieving Victory: The main goal is to take out all 3 Town Halls upon the opposing side within a certain time limit along with the aid of your participating clan members. The Time Limit will be 10 minutes at most – and to achieve victory is by having the most stars. The Star Function is the same for completing 100% upon attacking a single base. Only this time a star is obtained when taking down a Town Hall. Taking out all 3 Town Halls gives you 3 stars and an automatic win. Having the most also gives victory and loss is by having the least stars.

    Clan War Levels: When attending a Clan War, the level of participants will not be determined by the number of trophies or experience. The level will be determined by your Town Hall. This escapes the unfairness of having a level 9 or 10 Town Hall going against a level 4 or 5; so when participating, all Town Halls will be on the same level on both opposing sides. When Signing up for a Clan War, there will be a total of 6 levels – Town Halls level 4 through 10. I’m not sure if Town Hall level 1 to 3 should also be implemented, so please share your thoughts on that.

    Prizes: I haven’t thought mainly on what prizes would be achieved or if the Clan Wars should be limited a number of times a day, so please share your thoughts whether if this is a good idea or what prizes should be included within these wars, thanks for reading this idea,


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    • An excellent idea. But I will have these 3 ideas/tweaks to the idea:

      Preparation: Maybe other requirements should be for the troops.

      A war camp. This camp is simalar to the Army Camp, exept that it holds the troops for Clan Wars. Holds 150 troop space at Lv.1, and increases by 15 troop space per level up. Hidden from Non-Clan Wars, but is not hidden on Clan Wars. Use a War Barracks to get troops rolling!

      A war barracks. Trains the troops, but since the troops are trained instantly, the cost for ALL troops are 4x the amount. The war barracks can train dark troops and brews spells also.

      Achiving Victory: How are we supposed to attack ALL enemy villages at the same time? Maybe we're able to switch through villages to attack.

      Prizes: Lets bring the Fishing idea in. You can get fishes, resourses, EXP and Bad Luck, a.k.a. nothing.

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    • Glad you like the idea Wizard. As for your tweaks, when preparing troops, there won't be any requirements at all. Meaning that it won't cost elixer to make the troops and the main positive side of having a Clan War. The War Barracks is a good idea also and could be implemented as well before entering a war and at the same time still won't cost anything when making troops.

      As for the War itself, that is the challenge. It is possible to take down a base single handedly with a small number of troops. It all depends upon the base design, how their defenses are implemented, and what weak spots it has. That's where you think along with your clan mates of how to take the opposing bases out. Some might say take the "big fish" out first by having all 3 opposing bases take the main threat out, then attack the 2 remaining easy bases. Remember each base strength is depended upon your progress through the game. Hell you may encounter bases that's Town Hall 5 will level 2 defenses; and once a base is taken out, that individual is out of the war or dead. So he/she can't assist their members once their Town Hall is taken out.

      And the Prizes sound good and could also depend upon the level of Town Hall as well. Like achieving victory of a Clan War gives you maybe 250,000 Gold and Elixer for Town Hall 5 and 2,000,000 Gold and Elixer for Town Hall 10. Somewhere around in there.

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    • You forgot Dark Elixir.

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    • Dark Elixir can be part of the prize as well, in fact a lot of it. Since Dark Elixir itself is very hard to get, perhaps a majority of the prize would be Dark Elixir and encourage a lot to attend Clan Wars. However, Dark Elixir won't be part of the prize until TH 7 Clan Wars and up. And below would just be Gold and Elixir for prizes.

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    • TH6? Don't we unlock DE at TH 7?

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    • I fixed that error, I meant to say TH 7 and up

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    • sounds like an intresting idea, but i would be a lot harder to/take up a lot more server usage than you would think, plus it would be hard to blend 6 bases together in 2 groups to any effectivenss...but i still like most of the basis of this idea......all this is a side thoough because they have already started working on clan wars, and it is do to release on april 22.

      !Clash On!

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    • Rly?

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    • lol yep

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    • ok

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    • A FANDOM user
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