• I use iOS7 to play clash of clans, but when I try to connect with Facebook. It disconnected and when I tried to connect it. It said that login failed, I try everything that everyone said to fixed this problem.

    At last, I must delete it. But It useless. I lost all my data and can't log in.

    So, Is I must report this problem to Supercell or they have a way to solve it. If you have, reply this question.

    Thank you very much.


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    • sorry man i have never had or heard of any problems with facebook login.....dont know if it was your problem or not but yesterday for a couple hours supercell had a screw up and half the continent had "login fail" for some reason.

      other than that i have no idea, but contact supercell they should be more help.

      !Clash On!

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    • I would suggest logging in with Facebook again, might recover progress?

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    • Thank you :)

      My saved data is back.

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    • good!

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    • No problem, glad to be of help. CLASH ON!

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    • A FANDOM user
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