• I honestly just need opinions here guys. 2 of my army camps are level 5 and 1 is level 6. All my walls are gold (level 5) and some are level 6. Almost all of my defenses are already maxed out or are currently being upgraded. All defenses that are left is level 4 air defense and level 3 wizard tower, which i were planning on upgrading while the TH was upgrading. Same goes with my clan castle (level 2, will upgrade while TH is upgrading.) All of my mines and collectors are either level 8 or 9. All traps are maxed out. I never use Goblins and baloons, so they're still level one. All I have left troops wise is level 3 wizards and wallbreakers. I am also close to maxing out both healing and lighting spells, but they're so expensive. Please don't ask about the builders, I have all 5, I have $ lying around and I work well with FreeMyApps and AppBounty. So should I rush TH7? I heard it was very good to rush because you get higher ammoutns of defense and the loot penatly isnt that bad. Best TH for farming aparently. 

    Here's and image of my village:

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    • Ok first thing: it is a bad Idea to not upgrade your goblins if you plan on farming your going to need them

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    • Ok I'm upgrading then as we speak So should I upgrade my th? I think so but just not sure

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    • I say max it out, do not rush! You will regret it, I did...

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    • I recently responded to a similar question. Town Hall 7 by far has been my favorite stage since playing Clash of Clans; especially for farming. I have found bases with very large loot payout when in either Silver 1 or Silver 2 Leagues. Here's a pic of a base i found a while back  farming in Silver 1 as Town Hall 7: 

      Loot 900k Clash of Clans

      900 Thousand total Loot gained!

      This base gave a nice payout of 900K total in resources. 

      Anyway, about your question of rushing your TH. I don't think it's that big of a deal to completely max your entire base before upgrading to 7. One of the nicest features of getting to TH 7 is the additional defenses you acquire; Some are new and others are additions of defenses you already had. More than likely they will compensate for any defenses that aren't completely maxed out in your village. I look at it like this: 3 Level 3 Mortars will do more damage overall than 2 level 4 mortars. And 2 Level 3 Air Defenses will do much more damage overall than 1 level 4 or 5 Air defense any day (if you get what I'm saying). As long as your giants, archers, barbarians, and wallbreakers are above level 2 you should do fine (i would recommend starting to use goblins because they are very efficient at rapidly stealing loot). Also, Your walls are definitely high enough too. You can upgrade them to level 6 and above while you're TH 7, if you farm. This is exactly what i did when I was at your stage and I never had any issues whatsoever.

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    • Greetings Dawsyn. It is a good idea 100% maxing everything before upgrading. You will regret it just like jap and i. I upgraded at lv39 and i didnt like it. Alltogether DONT RUSH!!! Thanks,

      SoToatleTurtleTalkContribsClash of Clans12:05,6/1/2014

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    • TH6 is fairly easy and quick to max out, even including walls! So don't rush it, you'll be there soon enough! TH7 does give you loads of new stuff (Hidden Teslas, 2 extra collectors and an extra Army Camp, as well as troop upgrades), but it would be a waste if you didn't have the patience to wait a week or two. By then, you should have maxed out your TH6 (if you're at least somewhat active). Hope this helps! 

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