• I am looking for a good CW Atttack Strategy, Please, If You can answer this, Put in the exact amount of each troop!(eg. 5 giants,1 archer etc.)

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    • In my oppinion,

      Balloons Lvl 5/6 + 3/4 Rage Spells Is the best CW attacking startegy 

      Please Note that many people use Lvl 3+ Dragons + 3/4 Rage Spells /OR/ 2 Rage + 1/2 Heal Spells.. but dragons are stupid and not smart enough to use them in a CW,,

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    • Try 20 valkyries and 10 level 5+ wizards. Place your barbarian king, then deploy valkyries in a short line. Place wizards and CC troops behind them. 

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    • P$ Cobra please don't revive threads that haven't been active for 2 weeks or more. Stan, what is thy town hall level?

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    • what if i only have balloons lvl 3 ? what is the strat in CW?

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    • TH7 

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    • At Town Hall 7 you should use balloonion or GiWiHe.

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    • For TH7, in my opinion

      16-20 Giant

      2 Healer

      6-8 WBs

      ...and whatever mix of clean-up troops you want (at least some wizards recommended, and archers to deal with the CC troops)

      Rage, then Heal pretty early to take out an AD (and drop WBs one at a time to take advantage of Rage), then drop a healer on the Giants.

      2nd healer is a backup plan in the event the first walks into a seeking air mine, or if you try to use it to protect wizards / BK.

      I personally never quite found the knack for Lv3 balloons, and in turn didn't upgrade them to Lv4 in TH7.  Since I have left TH7 I regret not trying it sooner.

      Dragons of course will be great, but in TH7 it is really difficult to justify the cost.

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    • WOw...... Thanks!

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    • You can also augment giant/healer with a few (3-6) level 3 balloons on certain bases. Enter the giants to take out the AD and the balloons can pick off defenses on the outside once the giants get the aggro. This keeps the giants moving on the inside defenses. I also recommend 2 heal spells and 1 rage because once the giants die, its over.

      Also upgrading the balloons to level 4 is recommended since balloon/minion is far stronger and there are less variables that can go wrong. This can get you through a CW until your dragons are up and running. It also helps when a dragon army is overkill.

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