• Netherminigame
    So, this is how the nether minigame works, so you train your army like you normally would, then you go to an option that says "Minigames" on it. Then you would find "The Nether Minigame". Tap on it, and you will be in a minecraft-like nether. There will be different leveled defenses. Level 1, you will start out with level 1 defenses, level 2, level 2 defenses, etc. Once you take down the defenses, you will have to fight Beastly Barbarian. Beastly Barbarian awaits at the top of his throne at the top of the mountain where lava is pouring down. Make sure your troops don't land in the lava, if they do, they will lose hitpoints. To avoid this from happening, you will need to tap the screen when the troops are heading to the lava, which will allow the troops to jump. Beastly Barbarian will have 10,000 hitpoints. Every 25 seconds he will hit your troops, causing them to lose hitpoints. Once you defeat him, you will get 15 gems, 45 xp, 150,000 gold, 150,000 elixir, and 1,000 dark elixir. The awards will change when you get higher. The award i just listed, is level 17's award, which is the final level. Starting at level 12, the defense plan will change, since the defenses' level won't go any higher. The picture above is a picture of what Level 17 would look like. There are more defenses are in the level, but they aren't shown in that particular angle.
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