• I think that supercell should make the Dragon and Lava Hound take less effect from the Air Sweaper. Of course there will be negative comments about this cause Lava Hound and Dragon need to be nerf. But to think, it's not logical that a single wind blow can blow them off. Minions and balloons are acceptable, even healers too, cause minions are small, healers can't withstand the wind and balloons, of course, use wind for their movement. Dragons can fly through storm and hurrycane if everyone has seen them in movies, and Lava Hounds are way too "fat" that a single blow can't push them back. So yeah, air sweaper should blow the Dragon and Lava Hound half the tiles than they did against against balloons, minions, and healers

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    • Moved to update suggestions, and, well, I can agree with it.

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    • I agree, totally makes sense. Good point and strong reasoning

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    • Yes.. because movies are a great source of reasoning...

      Oh, and I disagree with this. Dragons are still instant wins at TH7 and almost instant win at TH8 if you are a good player. Air sweeper should stay as is.

      Oh.. and why are dragons flying through Hurry-Canes!?
      Dragon hurrycane
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    • There's no point in placing logic into your reasoning. Not saying it's a bad thing. But you have to take into account that logic is defined in many ways depending upon its developer. Take Spongebob for example. You can make fire underwater, and go swimming under water... SuperCell has their own logic and the Air Sweeper sweeps away even larger troops based upon their logic.

      I have no problems with Air Sweepers to be honest, because their logic has turned against them in many ways. Like the Minions for example. If you want to take down the Air Sweeper, just send Minions after them. Because of their speed, even if they are blown away, they just come right back as if nothing happened. Or, simply attack from behind the Air Sweeper since it only attacks in 1 direction...

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    • I don't think it needs fixing.  I get the point about it not fitting the actual flavor/context of the situation, but it does not detract from the game balance in any manner.

      Also, if it stops working on dragons, you defeat the primary purpose of making it available so early in the game.  Even with the sweeper, dragons are still OP against TH7.

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