• Hi everybody, 

    I just got a iPhone 5 where I use my old base which is level 51,

    my question goes like this.

    I have two phones iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 two different apple accounts and gamecenter account.

    which means iPhone 4 with with apple id Gamecenter ImmxxxxNYC

    iPhone 5 with apple id gamecenter ImmxxxxxxMio

    The problem is that on both devices, the same base comes up.

    What I want is to start from LV1 from my iPhone 4

    What ive tried is logged off all my accounts like appleid, icloud, gamecenter and connected through my new Apple ID the same with gamecenter. Deleted Clash of clanes and reinstall it with the new Apple ID. 

    But still I get the same base up!?

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