• So back then i use to play this game without Gamecenter and i was doing pretty good. Until i started getting connection errors. The connection errors were so bad that i eventually deleted the app and deciede to redownload the app. So i deleted the app, but before i redownload the app, i made a new Gamecenter account and logged in. When i finnally got the game to work, the game had restarted! I was back to a level 1 townhall and it was showing me the turtiol. I quickly logged out of my gamecenter account and deleted and Redownload the app. But i still had a level 1 townhall

    Is there a way to get my old account back. My account was Knokky i was part of LEAGUEofSHADOWS. My knokky account is still alive. My friend checks on my often and i lost 100 trophies because i can't get on my old account.

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    • sorry but without a gamecenter account connected to your village

      and now you have started a new game

      i do not know any way to restore it. I think it is impossible :(

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    • The same thing happened to me but my game center was linked and it just disappeared

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