• Walls: I would like to see an update where we can see the number of walls we have and at which level each walls is. For example...

    Level 8 Townhall player clicks on wall to view info. The player will see

    50 walls @ lvl 8 100 walls @ lvl 7 75 walls @ lvl 6

    This will save a lot of counting and there is TONS of space on the wall info screen for this.

    Clan Castle Troops: There are also tons of space on the clan castle info screen for this. It would be great to see each troop separated based on which player donated what. For example...

    Lvl 5 archers (picture present). Under the picture the name of the clan member who gave. I do not believe that anyone ever uses all the slots in their clan castle so having a way to show which clan mate gave will be a much better use if space.

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