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Trophy Farming

The general concept of Trophy Farming is to gain Trophies, and worry about nothing else. This can be done multiple ways, and is practiced by many (if not most) of the top players on Clash of Clans.

Gaining Trophies 

While there are undoubtedly a myriad of ways to gain Trophies and a great deal of fun can be had discovering them, only a few tried-and-true methods for obtaining trophies easily are included in this section. This is by no means an exhaustive list.

The following sections outline the types of villages you will encounter as you farm for Trophies:


My farmer defense
Farmers typically leave their Town Halls out in the open, so you have nothing to worry about. If you are worried about Hidden Teslas, check the Town Hall level. If it is 7 or above, look for possible places close to their resources where a Hidden Tesla could be.

Remember, however, that all you are after is Trophies, and that if you destroy the Town Hall you have accomplished your goal. Unless there are several defenses in range (multiple Mortars, Archer Towers, etc.) it is usually relatively straightforward to overwhelm an exposed Town Hall and claim victory.

*Note: With the December 10th 2015 update, Town Hall destruction no longer grants a shield. Thus, finding farmers with exposed Town Halls is now much more time-consuming than regular raiding.

"Half-Way" Farmers

Some farmers (and a surprising amount of other players) have their Town Halls on the edge of their base but still protected by Walls. There could be one or two defenses close by. You have some options:

  1. Check the Town Hall level. If it is higher than 7, see if there are any good chances of Hidden Teslas being nearby. If there are, skip it. Otherwise, continue down the checklist.
  2. If there are no Air Defenses nearby, you could use Minions to go after the Town Hall. Also check for Archer Towers and Wizard Towers; these are easily distracted by a group of Giants if necessary.
  3. If the defenses are far enough away, you can simply place two or three Archers a few tiles away, and they will destroy it. 

For either of the above methods, you only need about 5 Troops, unless you need to distract a defensive structure or two.

50 Percent

This method says it all in the name. Train a bunch of Archers, Barbarians and Goblins, and destroy as many buildings as possible. Try to pick a village where many buildings on the outside are unprotected. Look in all corners for Builder's Huts or other nonessential targets, as these are essentially freebies that will get you to 50% quickly without having to place extra troops to destroy inside defenses. Once 50% is achieved, you will get 1 star, thus giving you 1/3 of the Trophies available.

Lightning Spell attack

This is another straightforward strategy. This method requires:

  1. Highest level Spell Factory available for you.
  2. Highest available level of Lightning Spells for you.
  3. As many Lightning Spells as you can hold of the highest level you can get.

Unfortunately there is no effective way to gain Trophies with Lightning Spells alone (five maximum-level Lightning Spells and two maximum-level Earthquake Spells, with one donated) can only destroy a level 8 Town Hall by themselves, which is not very efficient at high trophy levels). However, they can be used to soften up defenses around the Town Hall, or the Town Hall itself if you can reach it with Troops like Dragons or Minions. In addition, you can hold your Lightning Spells in reserve in case your Troops cannot completely destroy the Town Hall by themselves, and then use your spells to finish it off.

Defending Your Village

An essential part of any successful attack strategy is a strong defensive one; after all, you must defend your village in order to protect the Trophies you have already won. More importantly, you can pick up large amounts of Trophies from unsuccessful attacks on your village as well (sometimes substantially more than you can through your own attacks). Here are some tips.
  • DO NOT place anything in the corners of the map, that just helps people get 50% easier.
  • However, this makes 3-starring your base harder because the opponent may run out of time. This is particularly true for pure dragon raids.
  • Make sure that all of your buildings on the outside are covered, so Archers can't attack freely.
  • Make sure your Air Defenses, Mortars and eventually X-Bows don't overlap too much. This maximizes area covered. Try to place your mortar in a triangular pattern to maximize the amount of space they can cover.
  • Remember that Mortars can't defend themselves from point blank.
  • Try to keep your Gold Mines and Elixir Collectors empty, and your stored resources to a minimum. The more resources you have on hand, the more attractive you will be to higher level opponents.

For more info on defending your village to get trophies, visit the Trophy Layouts section in the page Layouts.

More Information on Gaining and Keeping Trophies


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