• 101TheTiger101

    Sith Empire..original sith clan created by Paul after we broke off another clan many months ago. Hit top 200 on last trophy push. Has created 9 feeders/sister clans. High Elders and best sith memebers stay here.

    L100+ to join

    On Pushes you need to be Masters 3 or higher

    Elder is earned if you have been loyal, join sith chat ( on an app called line ) and have donated 2,000 troops in a season.

    Co-leader is only given to most trusted. :P

    Sith Gardens...Created 2/13/14

    Farming clan for sith empire, best sister clan.

    Elders+ from empire get co only, others get elder for 1,500 donations per season.

    L75+ to join

    Get that Gold Grab up!!!

    Sith feeder clan to Sith Gardens and Sith Empire

    Think you good enough for empire? find out here!

    L70+ to j…

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  • 101TheTiger101

    I have found a great base that works against any level hogs, for those of u that dont have infernos.

    the traps have to be in the right spot or this wont work, same with the defenses. the idea is to make the hogs run all the way around the outside, this works best with upgraded giantt bombs :P 

    P.S this also works great against giants.

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  • 101TheTiger101

    Hey Guys and Gals, many of you may know me already but now you have a chance to know me more, and we can help eachother.

    My clan hit top 200 last night, but then this morning 7 people left to start their own clan, so we are now in need of some new recruits to help us hit top 200 again.

    clan nam - sith empire

    clan trophies - 27,000

    clan leader - paul

    clan flag - purple Y shape in a white backround

    this clan has 4 feeders, sith academy, sith acolytes, Sith champions will be our new top 200 clan, sith gardens will be for high level farmers- L70+, sith also controls fallen sith, and will be opening up a donation clan after push, join the action now, i have been in many clans but this is my fav, they are friendly have a lot of good laughs, and as a c…

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  • 101TheTiger101

    Read This Please!!!!

    January 23, 2014 by 101TheTiger101

    if u have any ideas for the game read this first.. 

    ty and !Clash On!

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  • 101TheTiger101

    Hi all! hows the clashing going? i have been having some good luck lately and want to share it, i will uplaod mine as soon as i can but i cant atm... anyway post anything that u have doen that u think is bragging rights, anyone can post it on anything, please leave a screen shot if u can, it can be of anything fro total loot stolen to most in one riad to most tropies to best donations to best fin, just post it here.....then vote on who u think has the best,

    Peace out guys and !Clash On!

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