Hey Guys and Gals, many of you may know me already but now you have a chance to know me more, and we can help eachother.

My clan hit top 200 last night, but then this morning 7 people left to start their own clan, so we are now in need of some new recruits to help us hit top 200 again.

clan nam - sith empire

clan trophies - 27,000

clan leader - paul

clan flag - purple Y shape in a white backround

this clan has 4 feeders, sith academy, sith acolytes, Sith champions will be our new top 200 clan, sith gardens will be for high level farmers- L70+, sith also controls fallen sith, and will be opening up a donation clan after push, join the action now, i have been in many clans but this is my fav, they are friendly have a lot of good laughs, and as a clan we have about 70k+ donations per season just within our clan. 

You will find me in there, "The_Tiger" level 94 TH9 

To Join sith empire you must be crystal 2 and be L80+

To join sith academy you most be L50+ and have 1000+ trophies

To join sith gardens L70+ and farm in gold

To join sith champions, L100+ and Master 3+ (this clan is on hold for a week or two, feel free to join but there wont be many people there)

anyone can join sith acolytes

JOIN NOW! and !Clash On!

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