Supercell brought in the mute button as the solution to the global chat ban issue a lot of people have because of trolls reporting for fun, low level players reporting high level players for not replying to their repeated "can i join' and 'can i have a dragon' requests or not letting them join the clan they clearly didn't match the clan requirements of.. If someone is reporting because they don't like what someone is saying, then they have the option to mute them and that solves the problem right? Although lately i haven't been banned seeing as i dropped from champion to 158 cups to see how it was and a bit of fun on the way up after, I'm not sure if the amount of reports needed to be banned has been increased, or if I am just not being reported as often because i've been in lower leagues.. I know a lot of people that have high trophy counts that have the same issue, starting from crystal 3 up. Supercell should be more interactive in relation to issues like this and give us feedback, their position on the issues and what is or isn't happening. 

I'm still going to make fun of the guys trying to give the impression they are some sort of MMA superstar that would flog from behind their screen thinking everyone actually believes their dribble. Shortly before mum tells them to go to bed. But if the squeezer trying to portray a thug gets mad cause he gets schooled, I shouldn't get banned. End rant.

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