• AdamMaryFrank

    Who is The Meddlers?

    1. We are a War Clan focused on winning wars and having ACTIVE members.

    2. We primarily speak English, with players in the USA and South Africa.

    3. We are a group that wants everyone to improve their skills.

    4. WE WIN, ALOT!

    Who is Welcome to join The Meddlers?

    1. TH 7's who are not rushed.

    2. People who wish to learn, and people who can FOLLOW war rules.

    Facts about our clan, The Meddler

    1. Our clan has 164 War Wins!!!

    2. We are a Level 7 clan.

    3. War Frequency: ALWAYS.

    4. Established in 6/2013

    How to Join - The Meddlers?

    1. Mention in your request you found us here in the Forum. 

                      Clan name is - The Meddlers

                      Clan Tag - #28QGYPVL

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