Clash Of Clans - Adult No CWs - Clan

Welcome to Clash of Clans - Adult No CWs:'

Adult No CWs Clan Looking For Mature Players Age 18+ To Join Us:-  

As Looking For Level 80+ & Town Hall Level 8, 9, 10 With Level 5 Archers & Wizards Minimum. Must Be Active Daily Players That Donate & Playing Clash Of Clans Daily.  We Are A "Farm War Alliance", FWA Clan & Must Build Exactly & Copy The Standardized Base/Village For Your TH Level, As Pictured In The Gallery Tab, For Clan Wars Only Village.  

1. No Swearing, Cursing, Or Spamming Clan Chat.    

2. Must Play Daily & Donation Daily, As Need To Donate & Receive Minimum 1,000 Troops Per Season, & Donate What Is Requested, Or If You Don't Have That Troop, Ask The Player That Requested, If He Wants Another Troop, Then Wait For Requested Troop Player To Say, Yes Or No Before You Donate That Troop.  

3. Must Follow All Rules & Instructions, Laid Down On Clan Chat, Clan Mails, By Leader & CO-Leader.   4. Once Built FWA Clan Wars Base, Don't Swap Or Change The FWA Approved Base Over, As You Risk Being Demoted Or Kicked Out Of The Clan, AS The FWA Have Very Strict Rules. Which Must Be Followed.

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CLASH Of Clans - Adult No CWs - Clan:

Clash Of Clash Adult No CWs -Informations For Our War Opponents: 

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"Adult No CWs Clans":- See Web Link:

This clan group is based on the concept of war farming / war sniping, i.e.:  Asking the enemy to put their top 2 TH's and 9 storages in a corner for us to snipe for the 30% war winners loot bonus.

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