First of all, I would like to say to my fellow clashers, that nothing comes to you without hardships. This page is basically a way for clashers from Town Hall Level 1-6 can get through those hardships. I will also give some strategical information for village setups, choosing your clan wisely, and of course, what are the best troops in battle. Before I begin giving that information, I would like to thank GorillaMan for giving me permission to make this strategy.

Down to the Basics: Town Hall Level 1

You just started playing this wonderful game, and want to know how can you become like Jorge Yao, the top
File:100px-Town Hall1.png
player in the world. Well, the first thing I can say to you right now is that dream can become a reality if you put effort, time, and dedication to Clash of Clans. The first thing you should do is put your town hall in the center, then storage and defenses around that, and pumps, mines, and other buildings at the edges. This will help you lose the least amount of trophies and protect your resources for whatever reason they might be needed. Then, try to max out your buildings to whatever level they go to because this will let you stay with your town hall level. You won't lag behind like some people who make their Town Hall 9 and have about level 2-3 walls, (Photo to right) which will not only benefit you by
Horrid Bases
attacking them for trophies, but also give you a lesson not to upgrade everything too fast, but to stay up to par with your Town Hall level.

Time To Attack!

You just trained an army of barbarians, archers, or goblins. The next thing you do depends on if you have the beginner shield or not. If you do, do not, I repeat, DO NOT, press attack on multiplayer. You will lose the shield, as well as most of your battles. Press on the single player side buttons with different names (Fool's Gold, Sherbet Towers, etc.) where you attack the goblins and still do not lose the shield. If you do not have the shield, attack multiplayer where you might find some noobs to raid, but with a cost of 10 gold each time!

Getting Harder: Town Hall Level 2

You just got a level 2 Town Hall. Now what? Well get a shield right away. It will allow you to incorporate 25 walls, extra mine/pump, and archer tower into your base without anyone worry if your battery runs out or you have to go to the bathroom in which you get attacked while it is shut off.

File:100px-Town Hall2.png

Time To Mod Your Village!

The first thing you should do now is put your Town Hall, Storages, and Defenses in the center with the new 25 walls around. If it doesn't fit, don't worry, most beginner bases are like that. Then the builders huts, mines/pumps, and army things go outside. Also, do not get any decorations because that means wasting gold/elixir for no reason.

Time To Attack!

At this level, you unlock the giant. It is a crucial troop for upcoming attacks for three reasons. One, it has a lot of health. Two, it targets defenses which allow the other troops to attack the base without disruptions. Three, it mops up most single target defenses' attacks with its huge health. The cost to find a match is upgraded to 50 gold.

What Now: Town Hall Level 3

At this new level Town Hall you get 25 walls, a mortar, 2 bombs, a mine/pump, army camp, and laboratory. I suggest you build them the order I gave you, first being first and last being last.

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