• Akjsepoy

    Hi guys any good suggestion

    I started playing CoC last month May 2015 and Im already th6 im confused right now uprading to th7 because some players are telling that th6 is the booring stage in CoC. Now my question is it worthit to rush th7 ? 

    Im seeing players already th7 but there defense is bad lvl 6 cannon lvl 2 and 1 wiz tower lvl 6 archer tower lvl 1 mortar some are lvl 3 and 2 lvl 4 wall 1/2 is almost lvl 5. is that bad right? or its natural? because they said they were aiming to get the dragon is it worth?

    Now for my status  I calculate all my buildings days spent  before reaching th6 max it will take 1month only by this july 12 2015 all my building is already max and Im already th7 in that day ....

    So again my question it is good to ru…

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