Have you just started farming, if so, then this guide is for you!

Offensive Strategy

Pick and choose your targets. You're farming, not trophy hunting.You're looking for targets with lots of available
Clash of Clans Let's Play 7 Farming for Days!!18:32

Clash of Clans Let's Play 7 Farming for Days!!

resources and defences weak against your army.

For less experienced players, I would recommend a simple army of Goblins, up to your max if your Army Camps store less than 30, if your Army Camps store at least 50, it is a good idea to make your army with 30-35 Goblins, at least 2 Giants, and the rest Archers.

If you have at least 100 space in your army camps, I would recommend the simple Goblin army, or 60-70 Goblinsand the rest BalloonsGiantsDragonsP.E.K.K.A.s, or Golems as a meat shield.

Defensive Strategy

If you not only want to get more resources, but let others take trophies while you keep your resources safe, then I recomend putting your Clan Castle in the middle, then your resources, then your wizard towers, then the rest of your defenses, then outside your walls, scatter buildings, and keep your town hall in one corner-remember to leave your town hall unprotected! A very strong farming base.

CoC Farming

A very strong farming base.

A very strong farming base-------------------------------------------->

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