Hello guys!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

I am starting a new clan named “ThatWhatSheSaid”. We will have some rules that are on this page.

About the Clan: We are a clan that focuses on starting and winning clan wars. We are not farmers in the sense of our bases, however, we farm from clan wars. Wars will go on regularly, and will be tweeted @webtechgaming, and posted on the front page of Please follow all rules, and together, a great community of active, fun guys will be created.

Warning: Space is limited, so DON’T DELAY


1)  Donations must consist of level 2+ troops

2)  Clan Members are to keep chat clean: No excessive cursing

3)  Do not ask for elder or co-leader

4)  Fully Participate in clan wars

5)  Do not brag about your trophies/troops

6)  Keep your trophy count above 600

Violation of any of these rules can result in a kick

Member Expectations:

  • Donate level 2+ troops
  • Request troops often
  • Participate in clan wars
  • Follow all rules

Elder Expectations:

  • Donate level 3+ troops
  • Request troops often
  • Participate in Clan Wars
  • Follow all rules
  • Assist any member that asks for help/advice
  • Moderate chat
  • Report any breaking of the rules

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