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    Earthquake spells damage

    March 13, 2017 by AnOkdAn

    EQ = Earthquake
    #EQ = Number of EQ spells
    EQLv = Level of EQ spell (From game: Earthquake I = 14%, II = 17%, III = 21%, IV = 25%)
    Dmg = Damage
    Dmg% = Damage as a percentage
    HP = Hitpoints
    N = Number of EQ spells used

    For buildings (not walls): EQLv    Dmg     Dmg% I      1/7        14.3% II     1/6        16.7% III    1/5        20% IV    1/4        25%

    Damage is a fraction of the original buildings hitpoints, it is not calculated on remaining HP, as seen by attacking an Air Defense with 2 Lightning and 1 Earthquake, you can apply the quake first or last and it will still destroy the AD.

    Use of multiple Earthquake spells: They follow the formula, Dmg% of Nth spell = Dmg% of EQLv / (2N - 1)

    ie. for multiple level 2 Earthquake spells: #EQ    2N-1    Dmg% 1st …

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