• Antiger

    When I first started getting involved in clash of clans, one of things I was curious about was the pairings done during clan wars both individually and the clan as a whole. I came across some useful information online which I would like to share over here.

    First and foremost, in order to compare two things, you need a measure. So it is important that you know what is the measure of your base. In coc, they call it the weight of your base. If you click on this link,you will find a complete table of the weights of each of the buildings in your base. I just tried to evaluate the weight of my base from the table in the above link. Let us see what it looks like.

    I downloaded the file  in the link above and calculated my base weight. Here's the summar…

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  • Antiger

    Attacking at Town Hall 6

    December 6, 2015 by Antiger

    I wanted to share a couple of my attacks in order to talk about good attacking strategies at Townhall 6. 

    1.Effective farming attacks: I have been playing around with various combinations and I have found an effective combination that is working out great for me. I use 15 Giants, 1 healer, a couple of wall breakers and the rest archers. I usually look out for bases where AD's can easily be destroyed and have atleast 50K of each resources.It has been working out great for me. Check it out.

    2. Effective attacking strategy in war

    I have already talked about this in the thread on War discussions. The best and effective method that always works is Balloons, Archers and Wizards. Now, the key to this attack is that you request for L6 balloons in your…

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  • Antiger

    When a clan war search is ended, everyone likes to know how they have been paired up against their opponents, both individually and as a clan. From, the first look, experienced players can make a guess about their chances of their clan winning the war. The usual practice is that all the players either take up on their recommended target or his/her mirrored opponent. It works well when the number of players in the war is small i.e 10 or 15. However, as the number increases, so does the complexity of pairing and sometimes such straight forward techniques might not work.

    One of things that a clan leader has to worry about is to estimate individual strengths of his clan members and how they match up to the opponents that they are paired against…

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