I wanted to share a couple of my attacks in order to talk about good attacking strategies at Townhall 6. 

1.Effective farming attacks: I have been playing around with various combinations and I have found an effective combination that is working out great for me. I use 15 Giants, 1 healer, a couple of wall breakers and the rest archers. I usually look out for bases where AD's can easily be destroyed and have atleast 50K of each resources.It has been working out great for me. Check it out.

Best Farming Attack-TH6 Clash of clans01:37

Best Farming Attack-TH6 Clash of clans

2. Effective attacking strategy in war

I have already talked about this in the thread on War discussions. The best and effective method that always works is Balloons, Archers and Wizards. Now, the key to this attack is that you request for L6 balloons in your clan castle. I sometimes use a couple of giants as distraction but the key is to commit to the balloons. I usually go with anywhere between 16-22 balloons depending on th

e complexity of the base. In the video below, notice that there is a cannon outside the clan castle. Now, the thing with balloons is that they are precision attackers like hogs or giants, i.e they go for the defensive troops only. So it is key that you map out an effective path of least resistance for your balloons so that they can finish the job.

Best TH6 war attack Clash of Clans02:15

Best TH6 war attack Clash of Clans

  I would like to share another 3 star attack of mine in the recent war that just ended. As I shared earlier on this thread, two strong attacking army compositions at TH 6 are mass Balloons and Archers during wars and Giants+ Healers and archers for farming.

I did something different in this attack. I used a combination of the above two armies plus a Level 5 Dragon as my clan castle unit. The reason to do this, as you will see in the video posted below is because the two Air Defenses were quite close to the outer walls and on opposite ends of each other. So if I were to attack with Balloons on the top side, I had enough time to clear out the outer defenses before coming in range of the second attack. My plan was to take down the AD at the bottom end of the base with giants before my Dragon and my balloons reached the Town Hall area.

Two things about this attack that like, 1) The attack was on a TH7 base 2) I did not use any Heal spells.

It went perfectly the way I had planned. Check the video below:  

3 star attack TH6 vs TH7 Clash of Clans-002:01

3 star attack TH6 vs TH7 Clash of Clans-0

  Cheers! and as usual, leave comments 

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