When I first started getting involved in clash of clans, one of things I was curious about was the pairings done during clan wars both individually and the clan as a whole. I came across some useful information online which I would like to share over here.

First and foremost, in order to compare two things, you need a measure. So it is important that you know what is the measure of your base. In coc, they call it the weight of your base. If you click on this link,you will find a complete table of the weights of each of the buildings in your base. I just tried to evaluate the weight of my base from the table in the above link. Let us see what it looks like.

I downloaded the file  in the link above and calculated my base weight. Here's the summary of it

My base:

  • 3 L7 Cannons            = 3*679    = 2037
  • 3 L6 Archer Towers = 3*585    = 1755
  • 2 L2 Wizard Towers = 2*970    = 1940
  • 1 L3 Air Defense      = 1*120     =    120
  • 2 L3 Mortars            = 2*1470  =  2940


TOTAL =  8792

Unit Levels

  • L3 Barbarians    = 300
  • L3 Archers        = 450
  • L3 Goblins         = 150
  • L3 Giants           = 360
  • L3 Balloons        = 360
  • L3 Wizards       = 450
  • L1 Healer          = 180 
  • L2 WallBreaker = 200

______________________       TOTAL = 2450


  • L3 Lightening = 300
  • L2 Heal          = 400


   TOTAL = 700

Traps and Bombs *L2 Small Bombs = 4*200 = 800

  • L1 Giant Bombs = 1*100  = 100
  • L1 Air Bombs    = 2* 50  =100
  • Spring Traps    = 4* 20  = 80


TOTAL = 1080 Walls

  • 65 L5 Walls = 65*21 = 1365
  • 60 L6 Walls = 60*25.2 = 1512


TOTAL = 2877

So my overall Base Weight = 8792+2450+700+1080+2877 = 15899

It is important to remember that none of Town Hall Level, players experience level, trophies or Clan level comes into play while performing the match up. Just the weight of the players' bases is considered. That is the reason that having big defenses such as xBow(L4 = 1600) and Inferno Towers(L3 = 2000) can significantly contribute towards increase in your base weight thus pairing a TH9 player against a TH10. Another aspect to consider over here is the distribution of the players' base weights in the war. If you have a lot of high weight base players (TH 8,9,10) and very few low weight player(TH 5,6,7), the weights of the low level TH players does'nt affect the overall weight. That is the reason the few low level TH players end up with a short straw.

The COC's search algorithm also plays a part over here. Because it runs multiple iterations trying to find the matching clan, a clan who's weights are distributed well tends to end the clan search quite fast. So the longer your clan search, the more imbalanced your clan weight and hence the increase in chances of getting a bad match.

Strategically, what does this mean for players of different levels while participating in war?. 

For TH(4,5,6): To be effective in war,my suggestion is that your priority should be to upgrade army camp and clan castle first as they will do the job of increasing your attack strength without adding to the weight of your base. Clan castle can be the key for attack strength as difference between a housing pace of 15 and 20 is a DRAGON!.Next, you should upgrade your laboratory and spell factory and put all your pink elixir into research. Again, this is because increasing the level of your units adds very little to the weight of your base while significantly increasing your attack strength. If you are wondering why I am stressing on attack strength, it is because at these levels, the only thing that upgrading defenses and walls first will do is increase the weight of your base and put you up against tough opponents. Even if you manage to put up good defenses against the low level opponents, the higher TH players are bound to mop you up. Lets face the truth,you cannot avoid getting 3 starred. The best contribution that you can do to a clan is to get as many 3 starred attacks as you can against low Th level opponents, thus saving as many attacks as possible for the high TH level members of your clan. One thing that I would have liked to do differently over here with my base is not hurry into upgrading my walls because now I realize that they add significantly to the base weight.Going forward, I would keep in mind that increasing wall strength would mean that my enemy would prefer air attacks( what a good revelation earth quake spells have been!). So I would prioritize all my defenses that can damage air troops and design and prepare my base to fend of air attacks.

For TH(7 and 8): Although, I am yet to get to these levels, intuitively, I would like to keep the the same essence here. Increasing your attack strength. So going into TH7,  Laboratory, Spell Factory and Army camp would be at the top of my priority. One key thing that I would add to this top priority list is upgrading your barrack to L9 because it unleashes the DRAGON!. Its going to significantly alter your attack strategy. Another key to increasing attack strength, Dark Elixir system. Defense wise, at TH7, hidden teslas are going to be new additions. I would add these after I have upgraded all my other defenses so that I can keep the base weight under check. In TH8 again, priority would be laboratory and Clan Castle to 25 housing space. I still am yet to figure out the dynamics with the Barbarian King, so will update here once I can do that.

For TH(9 and 10): Its too far fetched for me, but may be one of my clan mates can pitch in some tips over here. Apart from the usual strategy, the key I would think would be the inclusion of xBow  and Inferno towers which could make a huge difference to your base weight and therby, the outcome of the pairings in the clan war search. So I would not rush in to unlocking these defenses unless I am positive that I have strengthened my attacks.

If you are interested in the math, some people have tabulated experiments in order to decode the algorithm. Here is one of the links that has done some significant research : Click here

Let me know your thoughts and opinions or if you would like to share more details. It would also be awesome if you guys downloaded the excel file and calculated your base weight. We can use that while determining the right combination for clan war searches. Cheers!

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