When a clan war search is ended, everyone likes to know how they have been paired up against their opponents, both individually and as a clan. From, the first look, experienced players can make a guess about their chances of their clan winning the war. The usual practice is that all the players either take up on their recommended target or his/her mirrored opponent. It works well when the number of players in the war is small i.e 10 or 15. However, as the number increases, so does the complexity of pairing and sometimes such straight forward techniques might not work.

One of things that a clan leader has to worry about is to estimate individual strengths of his clan members and how they match up to the opponents that they are paired against. Usually, if it is a well settled clan with members who have been in the clan for a long time, most of them know what each others' strength and weaknesses are. What they would not know is how to estimate the opponents strength.

As an elder member of the Swindonia II clan, I came up with a suggestion of using a player vs player stats table quantifying each players defensive and attack strength and how they match up against the paired opponent. I used the technique that I cam across on the COCLAND website.You can download an excel file from the website link and enter the buildings and their levels to get the defensive strength and enter the troops and their levels to get the attack strength of a particular player.

You can then tabulate these numbers side by side and figure out which player has a better chance of 3 starring a base of the opponent. You can view an example of how we used this during our clan wars here

The very aspect of visualizing the stats of all the players gives a great insight into choosing the best combination to score the most points and strive for a win.

Let me know if this helps you out by leaving comments on my wall or as a reply to this page.



(Elder Member, Swindonia II clan)

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