There are 3 troop types: Light, Heavy, and Support Light-Use these in large or small quantities, they can be used for offense or defense. Barbs, Archers, Goblins, etc. (Also Minions) Heavy-Includes Giants, Pekkas, and Dragons, etc. these need Support troops in order to survive and attack effectively. Support-Includes Wizards, Wall Breakers, Balloons, etc. these are heavy damage troops and must be used behind heavy troops. Don't use these only in raids because they're valuable and must be protected. They're strong, but have lower health. (healer)

Here are a few ways to use these troops. The Mix-Have 12+ Giants, a few Wizards and Wallbreakers, and some Light troops. include a Healer. Deploy all Giants and Light troops, then the Healer, then Wallbreakers. Deploy Wizards after the Giants have destroyed the nearby defenses.

Resource Rush - 2 Giants, 6 Wallbreakers, 130 Goblins, and 28 Archers. Deploy Goblins around the resources and a few Wallbreakers if necessary. Deploy a few Archers behind them. Deploy Giants if they're being attacked. This always works for Template:Abandoned Bases and/or villages without walls.

Hero Healers - Use your Barbarian King and some Goblins. Include 2 Healers. Deploy the Barbarian King, use lightning spells to destroy any air defenses. Deploy Healers after the Barb king, then the goblins. Include an Archer Queen if available.

Pekkas are heavy troops but don't need Support troops to back them. They're capable of high damage but have heavy armor. If you plan to them only, add a few Healers in case there's too many Teslas.

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