I'm going to try posting some things that I've learned about Clash of Clans. The updates will be sporadic at best, but hopefully you learn more about the game and how to win more battles.

I think I've been playing Clash since 2013, but I don't really remember. It's 2016 now and I think I've seen 3 different Christmas tree styles, so that's why I'm guessing 2013. Anyway, it's been a lot longer than I expected and I've seen a lot of things. So now it's time that I share some of my experiences. This page is intended to be for the clan that I started, named Average Josephs, and its members. My main goal for this page is that my clan-mates can read stuff here and improve their attacks, especially in wars. Sometimes when I watch people attack in our wars I get very frustrated. There are some basic concepts that just aren't fully understood. So I'm going to start with the basics and gradualyl expand as I have time or as I see specific things in the game that I want to try to correct. I'll do my best not to single anyone out, unless I personally know the person and know that they won't get offended and leave the clan. My intentions, after all, are to improve the clan, not to scare people away.

One last thing before we begin. Who is in our clan? Well, I am. I'm currently labelled as "Leader" but that's only because I started the clan. I personally know who owns at least 9 of the accounts in our clan. I also know that of those 9 accounts, they're really run by only 5 people, all of whom I'm related to in one way or another. I'm not ready to reveal all the connections yet, but some day I probably will.

All right. The basics of Clash of Clans attacking. I think it makes sense to begin by saying that there are a lot of excellent resources on the web, including on this wikia web site. Simply browse to "" and you'll see what I mean. If you haven't looked at this site before I highly encourage it. A lot of what I yap about in this blog will probably be repeats of what is already on this site somewhere, but I will also post things specific to our clan so stay tuned.

For this first post about attacking, I'd like to just mention a basic strategy that I'll call the "Meat Shield" strategy. The idea is that you send in some troops that can absorb lots of damage (giants or golems, for example), and then behind them you send in something that can do a ranged attack (archers or wizards, for example). The "meat" troops distract the defenses while the archers/wizards/etc blast them to pieces. This is my favorite strategy. It's the one that I use 9 out of 10 times when I want to win war battles or trophies (there are times that I don't care about winning multi-player battles and all I want is loot, but that's a topic for a different day). My favorite set of troops for Meat Shield has been 2 golems, 12 giants, and the rest wizards. I like to take 4 earthquake spells and use them all in one spot to destroy as many critical walls as possible. As the description says, "No wall can withstand the might of 4 earthquake spells" (even level 1 spells). It gets to be a little bit expensive to train so many wizards and it takes a long time, but it's worth it for a win.

There are two tricky parts to this strategy that come to mind: 1. enemy troops, and 2. following the meat.

1. Enemy troops: To be a good attacker you really need to know what your troops are going to do. It's not possible to predict with 100% accuracy where troops will go because there is some randomness built into the game, but you can at least make an educated guess if you understand the basics. Let's look at giants as our first example. Looking at the profile of the giants in the barracks, you can see that it says their favorite target is defenses. That means that the giants will head for the closest building that is a defensive structure before attacking anything else. Defensive structures are buildings that will try to kill your troops: archer towers, cannons, mortars, etc. Giants will even ignore enemy reinforcements, enemy heroes, and enemy goblins if there are any defensive structures left to destroy. This is why it's important with the Meat Shield strategy to deal with enemy troops. It might be OK to just let your ranged attackers deal with the enemy troops. Use the poison spell to slow down the enemy troops and let your wizards bash them. However, if that fails then the enemy troops will quickly wipe out your golems and giants because your troops be too busy going to the defensive buildings to notice that they're being counter-attacked by the enemy. This can absolutely kill your attack and you'll end up with an embarrassing 29% destruction or similar result.

2. Follow the meat: It can be very difficult to make the ranged attack troops follow the meat shields. Wizards and archers don't have favorite targets, so they just go for the closest building no matter what. They can easily stray far away from the meat shield, which leaves them vulnerable to defensive structures. I think the best thing to do is to release my golems and giants first, then use wizards to clear away and structures that will pull the other wizards or my heroes away from the meats. So if the village you're attacking has a bunch of buildings around the perimeter, use a few wizards to blast four or five of those perimeter buildings (2 or 3 on each side of the meat shield) before releasing the rest of the wizards and the heroes. Then hopefully the wizards and your heroes follow the meat.

That's probably enough for now. If you're new to the game or haven't taken the time to study any strategy then this is a lot to absorb. I hope to have more posts in the near future, but I can't promise anything. I do have a life outside of the game, as I'm sure you do too.

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