The first strategy is: Archoon

Basically this strategy is like balloonion except for townhall 6 where you don't have dark elixir, or a dark barracks to train minions. This is a very easy strategy to do which requires approximatly 130 housing space but any higher housing space helps! So the only troops you will need for this strategy are balloons and archers... thats it (and of course spells and what-not).

To start, find a good base that you want to attack (remember you'll have a better chance to win if the air defense is near the edge)

To execute this, you first draw-out, and kill the clan castle troops as a normal person would.

Then, deploy half of your balloons on the air defense and they should take out the air defense quickly.

When your balloons get near wizard towers, heal them up with a heal spell.

Next, deploy the rest of your balloons (if needed) to destoy the rest of the defenses

Finally, deploy archers where there are no defenses to 'clean things up' a little bit. 

The next strategy is Kame-hame-ha

This strategy is sort of like the well-known giant healer raid but it adds in a 'couple' of wizards and no giants!

For this, you will need a bunch of 'Harry Potters' some archers, and some healers.

First you lure out the clan castle troops and kill them, but before that, you find a good base!

Second, you destroy the air defense with about 4 wizards so the healers  won't have a problem.

Finally, deploy wizards all around the base and heal them/use a lightning spell when you want.

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