One of my ideas for a new dark troop is called a sorcerer! It would drop different spells everywhere. It would drop a Lightning Spell->Healing Spell->Rage Spell->Jump Spell->Freeze Spell->Lightning Spell...etc

At level 1, it would drop only lightning spells (one every 10 seconds)

At level 2, it would drop lightning and healing spells (one every 10.5 seconds) 

At level 3, it would drop lightning, healing, and rage spells (one every 11 seconds)

At level 4, it woul drop lightning, healing, rage, and jump spells (one every 11.5 seconds)

At level 5, it would drop all the spells (not at once of course) (one every 12 seconds)

The stats would be:

Description: These new wizards will give up a fight! But BEWARE, this new wizards are super vulnerable!

Training Cost: 

(Level 1)- 400 Dark Elixer

(Level 2)- 450 Dark Elixer

(Level 3)- 500 Dark Elixer

(Level 4)- 550 Dark Elixer

(Level 5)- 600 Dark Elixer

Training Time:  45 Minutes

Housing Space: 8

Health: Same as normal* Wizard

Total Damage (Lightning Spell): 

(Level 1)- 350

(Level 2)- 400

(Level 3)- 450

(Level 4)- 500

(Level 5)- 550

Total Heal: Same as normal* Healing Spell

Damage & Speed Increase: Same as normal* Rage Spell

Jump Spell Duration: Same as normal* Jump Spell

Freeze Spell Duration: Same as normal* Freeze Spell

  • it would be the same amount as the current level you have that item

Feel Free to make suggestions or type some of your ideas for a new dark troop!

Awesome Yoyo (talk) 01:56, December 9, 2014 (UTC)Awesome Yoyo

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