• I had a dream about a new update soon!!!


  • When I am not Clashing. I am playing another games like that. Join me


  • Another hot day...


  • My internet is back, now I'm happy!


  • My first day writing on my Diary.
  • After a good new year and new rules to Cacilds Clan our clan is becoming very powerfull. We have a lot of members level 90+ and good donators this new beginning.
  • I lost 3 days in the game but it's not a big deal. My Town Hall out my walls are one the best things in the game.
  • The wikia needs a good improvement and more interation with the community.


  • Today is hard to find good and abandoned bases in Cyrstal League II;
  • I've started to upgrade my fifth Level 12 Archer Tower and I need more 15,000,000 gold to complete again all my defensive buildings to maximum levels;
  • I've cleaned the old threads in Clan Board however I'm gonna clean the Update Suggestion and General Discussion Board at night;
  • My Clan mates are still donating excelent troops for me.


  • Now I'm playing better than yesterday. My 6th Level 12 Archer Tower will be upgrade until tomorrow. I could find better bases with 200k each resources easily without spend much time looking for them.
  • Since the last update I'm boosting my collectors, "My wallet is happy". It's definitely the best way to get resources when you can't attack every moment or stay online all day.
  • I've cleaned all old threads in the forum today.


  • I've cleaned all old threads in the forum today.
  • I have to tell the best way to get Dark Elixir is boosting my Dark Elixir Drills.
  • Just to confirm, spending gems to buy resources is the worst thing in the game and in the real life$$.
  • I've already planned new rules to my Clan to the next year.
  • Better raids are in 2100~2200 trophies.
  • Next year I will do big things in the wikia. Wait me!!!

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