This is my task list to let the wikia each day better than is.

  1. Create the new MyHeroes template; NO
  2. Help the other language Clash of Clans Wiki; NO
  3. Update the Supercell page; NO
  4. Update the HTK pages; NO
  5. Improve the HTML in the pages; NO
  6. Do the new project to next year; NO
  7. New Icons in Heroes Pages; NO
  8. Update the "Upgrade Progression" images; NO


  1. Clean Up bad comments from all pages (January); NO
  2. Delete the "Reroute template" pages (January); YES
  3. Clean Up useless/old topics on Forum (January); NO
  4. Give a new good idea to improve the Wikia; YES


  1. Update the Cacilds Clan Page with the new rules to the next year;  NO
  2. Management the new Strategy Guides. YES

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