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  • I live in Bangladesh
  • My occupation is Ussually we play Clash of Clans
  • BangladeshCHMPS

    I think this should be posted wide and often. There are too many bloggers perpetuating the myths of clan matching in wars  - such as Trophies being important. They do not count one bit. Myths such as these can lead to the gameplay being distorted, so we must clear up the myths for all our common good.

    For example, you see clans demanding members lose trophies in the vain hope of getting an easier opponent in war. If thousands of clans do that there might be hundreds-of-thousands of high-level players camped at lower trophies for no reason. This leads to distortion of the game play for millions of other players who are swamped by high level players squatting in their league for a reason based on a myth. It's also limiting the potential of th…

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  • BangladeshCHMPS

    I am one of those people. As my base grew stronger, so did my Clan War opponent's. My chance of 3-star war victories seemed long gone once all air defences reached lvl6 in a targets base. I thought about that horrible thought.... hanging up my Clashers and retiring lest I embarrass myself, my clan, and my planet when earning less stars than our noobest noob.

    They say full-drag on lvl6 air defence is impossible. It isn't... two people in my clan, Rini and Tanveer do it 100% of the time.  But CoC loves them - they both got 5 Christmas trees so that's proof.

    But for the rest of us, full drag days are numbered as your TH8 days get longer. Don't despair said my Co-Leader Dhrubo - who CoC hates too but less than me. He told me about these ancient …

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  • BangladeshCHMPS

    By Zach Sparro                                            29th December 2014

    Clash name: Zachariah / 'Clan: BangladeshCHMPS  #8L20UQUV

    Almost everybody who starts playing Clash of Clans thinks they've worked the game out fairly early in their Clashing Career. Some are guided from this ignorance before it is too late.... others refuse to listen and they find themselves in an impossible position where they are always raided but can never loot much at all...

    The later are called "Town Hall Rushers" or "TH rushers" or just plain "rusher".

    The rushers think they are better than everyone else because they have worked out a way to upgrade their Town Hall to Level 9 or 10 in a short amount of time, whereas everyone being not as smart as them are still…

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  • BangladeshCHMPS

    Congratulations Rifat for raiding 1,041,776 loots in a single raid.

    Dhrubo was the previous record holder.

    Rifat not only took Dhrubo's record but also got twice as many Christmas trees.

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  • BangladeshCHMPS

    The BARCH strategy has been dealt some blows.... Firstly we got an extra mortar, then Archer Towers were configured to shoot twice as fast though each shot is half as powerful.

    It won't hurt the use of giants, but will deplete your hordes of archers just a little faster (it's all maths). This video explains:

    ON the other hand, those who can unlock Level 7 archers are very happy about BARCH:

    What do you think? Leave your comment below!

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