By Zach Sparro                                            29th December 2014

Clash name: Zachariah / 'Clan: BangladeshCHMPS  #8L20UQUV

Experienced Clashers encourage you to go quicklynot rush.

Rusher 2
Almost everybody who starts playing Clash of Clans thinks they've worked the game out fairly early in their Clashing Career. Some are guided from this ignorance before it is too late.... others refuse to listen and they find themselves in an impossible position where they are always raided but can never loot much at all...

The later are called "Town Hall Rushers" or "TH rushers" or just plain "rusher".

The rushers think they are better than everyone else because they have worked out a way to upgrade their Town Hall to Level 9 or 10 in a short amount of time, whereas everyone being not as smart as them are still with lowly Town Halls. Alas, if they only knew that:

Rusher 3

1. How much loot you can raid from a base gets smaller and smaller the higher your Town Hall level is.

2. The higher your Town Hall, the more XP (Experience Points) an enemy can earn by attacking you and can impact the number of trophies they take from you.

Rusher 4

So "rushers" have a hard Clash Career ahead of them. But that does not mean you shouldn't try and progress up Town Halllevels as fast as possible. Go quickly by all means... I did! But do not rush!

Some people get confused when told do not rush but Go quickly'. What is the difference? You are either A or B:





[A] Rushing is the strategic error of upgrading your TH before all buildings and troops are at max level.

Rusher th

An example of what a "rusher" base looks like. Town Hall 8 but Lvl 2 walls and Arch Towers.

---> You will see "rushers" all the time.... They may be a TH9'er lauding it over your lowly TH7. In extreme cases, when you look at a "rusher's" Profile you'll see they have only destroyed 54 mortars to your 2134. Then looking at 

their Base you see their walls are still made of wood (Lvl 1) while yours are made of skulls (Lvl 7).

They are two or even five Town Hall levels above you but you can easily 3-star them!


[B] Going quickly is the of continual upgrading to achieve max levels at 100% efficiency.

--> In practical terms it means your Builders never ever sleep and your Lab is never ever empty. You have 3 then 4 and by TH10, 5 Builder Huts all busy all the time: when they finish one upgrade (finally!) within seconds you assigning them to another upgrade.


Quick and interesting Observations:

[1] Going quickly, but not rushing is one of the most admired qualities in a player by experienced Clan Leaders & Co's across most of the strong clans.

[2] Rushers are not typically welcome in the best war clans. Their under-developed bases are easily 3-starred by the enemy. They lack the attack skills to use the higher-grade troops such as Healers and as a result they can't win stars for the clan in war attacks.  At the end of a war, you don't want to be the loser who lost the war for the clan.... all because you rushed upgrading your TH.

PLAY THE GAME: Pick That Base! Rushed or Not?

A selected range of TH9 & TH10 bases: pick which ones are RUSHED and NOT.... (answer at bottom of this page, after BangladeshCHMPS logo).

  • RUSHED or NOT? base A
  • RUSHED or NOT? base B
  • RUSHED or NOT? base C
  • RUSHED or NOT? base D
  • RUSHED or NOT? base E
  • RUSHED or NOT? base F
  • RUSHED or NOT? base G

BDchmps LOGO2

ANSWER: Bases A - D are rushed. E is early... slightly less bad than rushed. F &G are NOT. Obvious really.

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