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[BEGINNERS WAR TIP #1]  lure & kill your enemies CC troops first!

The price of your army is a lot less important. Go all out!

Normally when raiding for resources, the cost of your army is an important concern. You might use spells, Giants and Wall Breakers sparingly, for instance, since they’re so expensive. The rewards in Clan Wars are much greater, even if the base is relatively weak. Plus, you’re benefiting the entire clan with every star you earn. 

Enemy Clan Castle troops can ruin your raid. 


Nasty things can come out of your enemies CC. Lure the troops out into a corner and kill them FIRST.

Usually in regular raiding, finding a full Clan Castle is a bit unusual. In Clan Wars, though, Clan Castle troops are all but guaranteed. It’s also likely that they’re going to come from the most well-developed base in the Clan War. The Clan Castle has a large attack radius, so it’s possible to “sucker” them out and into a part of the map where you can deal with them more easily. Once they’ve left the Clan Castle, these troops will head towards your attacking forces, regardless of where they are on the map.

Avoid this common mistake!

It takes time to get all the troops out of the Clan Castle. If there are a lot of them, and you send a single, easily killed troop in to lure them out, you might not get all of them out on the first try. I also see a lot of people use the wrong troops or in the wrong configuration to fight a Clan Castle troop formation. For instance, Wizards do splash damage. Grouping up your troops to attack Clan Castle Wizards is not particularly effective.

For instance, say there’s a mortar tower in a critical area and you’ve got 2 lightning spells ready to take it out. If you drop one troop within the Clan Castle radius and get the Clan Castle troops to chase that guy over top of the mortar tower, you can lightning both the troops and the mortar at once, doubling up on your damage output!

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