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Clan War Strategy

  • Every star matters, and everyone can help! 
  • Ignore the "recommended target" completely -- instead ask where you can help maximize total stars for the clan. A TH10 crushing a TH7 doesn't help us even if you get three stars. A TH8 can three that base and now he has nothing to attack.
  • The "default" is to three-star TH8's and lower, two-star or better vs every TH9, and we get as many stars as we can on TH10's with those first two objectives achieved.
  • So attack the best base you can confidently get one of those results. When people hit bases thinking "I think I can get three stars if I'm lucky" then tend to get a loss or 1-star and waste an attack.
  • Those less confident of their attacks and those in the bottom third of the map should attack early. If you wait, all the easy targets will be gone.
  • DO NOT SNIPE a TH for easy loot. People looking to maximize their individual loot while ignoring the fact the clan needs to win will be booted from the clan. On rare occasion we will be so far ahead we give a green light for sniping, but please check your clan mail or with a co-leader before sniping.
  • Consider the Clan Castle (CC)! Failing to lure out and kill the CC troops has been, hands down, the biggest cause of losing an attack in our wars. Many bases now have a CC which is very deep within the base -- they still must be lured for most attacks (exception: GoWiPe and Dragons). Ask in chat for help with a tricky CC, and be ready to handle anything: 35 archers; arc/wiz; or a lvl 4 dragon.
  • Take both attacks!  Whether we are way behind or way ahead there is no reason to skip taking your attacks. These are learning opportunities :)  Do you want to make your first GoWiPe attack under conditions where the war hangs in the balance, or with less pressure?

Clan War Attacks

  • Barch / BAM / Goblins -- leave these armies for farming. Unless you're a pro looking to barch 50% for a 1-star vs a max TH10 base no one else can 2-star, there's no place for 1-star attacks in CW.
  • Balloonion - 28/32 balloons plus more in the CC, and minions. This is a powerful army capable of getting three-stars on bases with weak AD, and even two-star vs many stronger bases. It's especially good vs TH8 with just three AD and no AQ. Against TH8 and/or AD level 4 or under, heals work wonderful. Against stronger Air Defense rages are a must.
  • Mass Dragons - expensive but very powerful army, 9-11 dragons, sometimes with archers or a few minions. Take a few rage, and perhaps a heal and/or freeze for when the dragons are on the TH. Dragons can be very dumb, so often "guiding" them to the center is important. Sometimes the opposing CC or AQ will help suck several into the core.
  • Dragaloonion - a very effective 2-star attack that uses balloons and minions in addition to dragons. There are many styles, with as few as 3-4 dragons or as many as 6-7. Use line deploy or L-Shape deployment of balloons to knock out all forms of air defense, clip the corners with minions, and leave dragons a clear path toward the core and TH. The dragons will also typically take care of the CC. 
  • GoWiPe, GoWiWi, GoWiWiPe... - one of the best 2-star attacks used against strong TH10 bases, but they can be used as low as TH8 as well. These attacks use a combination of Golems (Go), Wizards (Wi), Pekka (Pe) and Witches (Wi) to break into the core and flatten a TH. The sequencing and timing of the attack are very important, and so is spell placement and timing. 
  • Hogs - hog riders are still the best way to absolutely flatten a number of bases. Look for highly compact bases with no 2x2 gaps in the middle where giant bombs can lurk. After the update, bombs can utterly wreck a hog raid, so use these with extreme caution. When you do, bring a large number of hogs and heal spells. Luring the CC first is a must; these are usually pulled to a corner and killed with wizards. 

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