• Ben the great

    Update ideas

    January 12, 2014 by Ben the great

    Hi I think one update should be making fire troops and fire defences and some more traps here's my idea! Town hall required 7 Fire elixer Fire elixer storage How many levels 8 Cost 354,888gold Lava drill Cost 500 dark elixer Fire elixer per hour 2,000 Storage max 25,000 Fire bomb Cost 3 dark elixer Re arm cost 1,900 gold Damage 3,900 Spreads fire Fire hidden tesla Hitpoints 3,000 Damage per second 600 Cost 10,000 fire elixer Fire barracks Hit pionts 1,888 Levels 10 Cost 123,000 fire elixer Lvl 1 fire barracks fire demon Hitpoints 234,888 Damage per second 678 Spreads fire fire damage 1,000 Cost 1,000 fire elixer Levels 10 Speed 12 The rest coming soon! Hope you liked it!!!

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