• BennettStef

    New Heroes

    July 10, 2014 by BennettStef

    -:-:-Ok, so I know this has probably been done before but I'd like to share my personal ideas and get some feedback from the community-:-:-

    +Goblin King+

    After 100% the single player missions (all 3 stars) he respects your power for defeating him and becomes your ally. However you aren't just given the hero you are instead given the option to buy him in the army part of the store for 20,000 dark elixir so there is a hero in between the price range of the barbarian king and archer queen. His alter would be a gold throne. He would have about a 4:1 ratio for health and attack seeing as he's a little fat and is slow (similar to the golem). His ability at lvl 5 would be to summon goblins and make every troop to go straight to the resources. He wo…

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