-:-:-Ok, so I know this has probably been done before but I'd like to share my personal ideas and get some feedback from the community-:-:-

+Goblin King+

After 100% the single player missions (all 3 stars) he respects your power for defeating him and becomes your ally. However you aren't just given the hero you are instead given the option to buy him in the army part of the store for 20,000 dark elixir so there is a hero in between the price range of the barbarian king and archer queen. His alter would be a gold throne. He would have about a 4:1 ratio for health and attack seeing as he's a little fat and is slow (similar to the golem). His ability at lvl 5 would be to summon goblins and make every troop to go straight to the resources. He would have a 4x damage increase on resources. He would have a scepter that has a gold crown on top that casts a purple beam that attacks resources and feeds to the king

+Master Wizard+

Unlocks at TH10 for 80,000 dark elixir making him the last unlockable hero. As a back story he would have been kicked out of spell making camp and was rejected by the villages protective army, as his revenge he ran from the village and trained by his own until he reached his peak potential. He became similar to an assassin for hire with you as his employer. His health to attack ratio would be about 1:2.5 similar to a wizard and his robes that cover him are a dark green making him completely separated from the other wizards at any level. He shoots green splash bolts similar to a wizard but unlike other heroes his ability does not summon his own but instead makes potions rain from the sky wether they have been unlocked or not, these potions however have a shorter range as well as a shorter duration. His alter is the same color as lvl 8 wizard towers and lvl 7 walls and is scattered with pots and flasks and wands to show he never have up his dream on becoming a spell wizard

Please tell be your opinion wether it be good or bad, I like the feedback. Thank you,


IGN: BennettStef Current Clan: The OG Orphans TH lvl: 9 Played Since: Late 2012 (took breaks)

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