• Bizilia

    Clash of Clans for me now

    September 21, 2013 by Bizilia

    I started CoC around the first 3 months of 2013 I think? But it has been a long journey! Today I am town hall 7, I have approximately 10 walls left to get to 7, my barbarian king can level from 4 to 5, my hog riders can go to 2, and I have 3 level 10 elixir collectors, 3 level 9, 2 level 9 gold collectors, and 4 level 10 gold collectors. I am in gold league 3. I'm in a clan called Clash Dynasty.

    I recently joined a clan called NJ Farmers, so go ahead and hop on with me! We have a Twitter and Instagram accounts and soon Youtube account!

    The game is great and I'm really looking forward to moving to town hall 8 to get my dark elixir drills and especially all the defense upgrades and troops!

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