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  • I live in Dragonvale
  • I was born on July 18
  • My occupation is being a Blue-fire dragon
  • BlazedDragon

    Ladies and Gentlemen, may I have your attention please? The 2013 BlazedDragon Cup is about to begin, will you please stay in your seats during the Opening Ceremony. Thank you.

    A long time ago, a player sought to a clan, searching for days and weeks. Until he can no longer take it, he has created his own, his baby. It went through many hard and good times, it has braved through loss, robbery and broken hearts, but the man who created his baby never gave up, and all of it paid off. A new dragon was born! Creating an alliance, a federation, a family~. 7 months have passed since the first baby's born and today, the father is happy to proclaim...


    That is right guys! I am happy to announce that the BlazedDragon Cup is opening i…

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  • BlazedDragon

    I am proud to announce, with the Dragon Dynasty's honor, that I have successfully DESTROYED Boots Electric of Minnesota Nice's base. I have got to say, Boots Electric, thank you for giving me the opportunity to wipe out your base. I am trying so hard not to swear or use any cuss words. You have got a great, and strong base, but there were a few weaknesses I noticed that made me win, and that is what I'm going to mention now.

    Despite you having most Level 7 Walls and a Level 7 Barbarian King, I have decided my best bet on beating you was to use Flying troops. Even though you had 3 Level 5 Air Defenses, but the flaw I saw was that all your Air Defenses were upgrading, thus, weakness number 1. I have no idea why I threw my lightning spells at your Air D…

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  • BlazedDragon

    Hey guys!

    I know I haven't been on this wiki in a while, but things have been keeping me off, even I can't work on the Chinese wiki! It's not just homework that has been keeping me all-day, but friends, gaming and life as well. This may sound like a retirement speech, but I'm not retiring from Clash of Clans nor the Dragon Dynasty anytime soon. In fact, this part of the paragraph is totally unrelated to the topic I'm about to bring up. Heh, you read this paragraph for nothing.

    I've had a visitor in my base late last night, right when I was sleeping under my covers. My pal, Boots Electric, went online and did raid, now this may start to sound like a sabotage, but it isn't. The raid was aimed at me! So he done the deed with; 60 barbarians, 53 arch…

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  • BlazedDragon

    I am finally back guys! If you have seen this thread, I decided to post my Clan Journal on the DKz site. Regardless of the results, I have decided not to do it on the DKz site, because I found out that I am only able to create 10 pages, if I use a free account. If I use a premium account, I can make as much as I can.

    Some updates on the clan...

    Dragon Dynasty goes at it again! For the 3rd time! This time it's not; Dragon Traineez, no not; DKz Traineez, it's DRAGON PALADINZ!!!

    Dragon Paladinz is the SECOND-not a feeder-clan. It is 900 (800 for now) to join, 700 to stay. Joachim H is the Leader of DPz and will hopefully do a successful job. Check out our forum page, to see what was up with the clan. You don't have to be a member of the Dragon Dynas…

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  • BlazedDragon

    “I want to give him a big hug. It’s an absolute wonderful accomplishment.”Yogi Berra on his words for Jeter's 3000th hit around the world.

    "Could be an organ donor the way I give up my heart."Andre 3000, who is somehow related to 3000

    "3000 (three thousand) is the natural number following 2999 and preceding 3001. It is the smallest number requiring thirteen letters in English (when "and" is required from 101 forward)."Wikipedia

    "Enjoy great games wherever you go–fun is always close at hand with PSP-3000" (Don't know why I went on here)

    "Factorisation: 23 · 53"Wikipedia

    That's all the great facts about the number 3000, because from what you can tell, I'VE HIT THREE THOUSAND EDITS! To celebrate, instead of writing up w…

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